Recordings for Review

Viewing some of the the recordings below may require the Quicktime player, a free video player.  If needed, you can download the Quicktime player here.

Questions to consider in conducting a review:

  • Does the title accurately describe the content?
    • Based upon the title/description, does the material included deliver as promised?
  • Is the presentation structured logically so viewers can easily follow the line of reasoning?
  • Is the information provided relevant to issues advisors face today, or is it out-dated?
  • Is the presentation engaging and technically pleasing?
    • Is the sound quality good enough to be understandable?
    • Are the text screen materials readable?
  • If this recording is currently available as a free resource (on the NACADA YouTube channel), should it remain available or be retired?
  • If this recording is currently available for purchase in the NACADA store, should it become a free resource (via YouTube) or be retired?
Recordings (currently in store) for review in 2021-2022

REC070 Practical Strategies for Dealing with Complaints and Raising Compassion Satisfaction  [to be reviewed by: ]

REC071 Advising Student Athletes  [to be reviewed by: ]

REC072 Helping Students Clarify their Dreams: Advising the Foreclosed Student  [to be reviewed by: ]

REC073 Mindset, Right to Fail, and Persistence: Academic Advising in Support of Student Success [to be reviewed by: ]

REC074 It’s On Us Too: Understanding & Navigating Title IX as an Academic Advisor   [to be reviewed by:  ]

REC075 Nudging Students to Success: The Integration of Academic Advising and Motivational Psychology  [to be reviewed by:  ]

REC076 When Students are Sad and Stay Sad: Best Practices in Advising Students with Depression   [to be reviewed by:  ]

YouTube Recordings for second review in 2021-2022

Ensuring Advisor Success: Mastering the Art of Advising through the First Year of Advising and Beyond  [keep available for now, but review again in 2022 cycle]


Significant Conversations: The Art and Science of Communication in Transformational Advising  [to be reviewed by 1/31/2022: Noelle, Banks, Comfort, Julia ]

Infusing Research into Practice: Multiple Pathways to Conducting Research in Advising  [to be reviewed by 1/31/2022: Mike C., Mike G, Ryan, Julia ]

Success in Parent Education: Dialoguing with New Students and their Parents at the College Level  [to be reviewed by 1/31/2022: Anne, Diana, Michelle  ]

The Role of Academic Advising in Student Persistence   [to be reviewed by 1/31/2022: Stephanie, Noelle, Patricia ]

Advising Undecided/Undeclared Students for Success   [to be reviewed by1/31/2022: Diana, Gavin, Patricia ]

Advising Students on Academic Probation  [to be reviewed by1/31/2022: Anne, Matt, Stephanie ]

Effective Academic Advising Strategies  [to be reviewed by1/31/2022: Gavin, Matt, Brandy ]

Breaking Bad News: Delivery Techniques that Help Students Make Good Alternative Choices   [to be reviewed by1/31/2022: Comfort, MIke C., Mike G. ]

The Role of Faculty Advisors in Student Success  [to be reviewed by 1/31/2022: Banks, Brandy, Ryan ]

Foundations of Academic Advising: Advising as a Teaching and Learning Process  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Foundations of Academic Advising: The Conceptual Component  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Cultivating the Potential in At-Risk Students   [to be reviewed by:  ]

Understanding and Addressing the Needs of Adult Learners  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Foundations of Academic Advising: The Informational Component  [to be reviewed by:  ]

A Strengths Development Approach to Academic Advising  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Using Groups in Academic Advising  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Foundations of Academic Advising: The Relational Component  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Steps in Developing an Assessment Plan for Academic Advising  [to be reviewed by: Julia ]

Conducting Needs Assessment for Professional Development  [to be reviewed by: Julia ]

Key Issues for Academic Advising Administrators  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Advising International Students from China  [to be reviewed by: Julia ]

Defining the Role of Faculty within Advising at Community Colleges  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Legal Implications of Academic Advising  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Ethical Decision Making in Academic Advising  [to be reviewed by:  ]

Emerging Issues in Academic Advising Theory [to be reviewed by:  ]

Advising and the Completion Agenda: Key Voices in Higher Education (2019-2020 review team recommendation was to keep up, but some concerns that it is reaching its viability limit, so we will review again 2021-2022)   [to be reviewed by: ]