Recordings for Review

Questions to consider in conducting a review:

  • Does the title accurately describe the content?
    • Based upon the title/description, does the material included deliver as promised?
  • Is the presentation structured logically so viewers can easily follow the line of reasoning?
  • Is the information provided relevant to issues advisors face today, or is it out-dated?
  • Is the presentation engaging and technically pleasing?
    • Is the sound quality good enough to be understandable?
    • Are the text screen materials readable?
  • If this recording is currently available as a free resource (on the NACADA YouTube channel), should it remain available or be retired?
  • If this recording is currently available for purchase in the NACADA store, should it become a free resource (via YouTube) or be retired?
Recordings (in store) for review in 2022-2023

REC077 Building Advisor Competency: Facing Fear and Creating Our Best

REC078 Building Advisor Competency: Developing a Profession of Advising through Training, Development, and Scholarship

REC079 Building Advisor Competency: Introduction to the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Model

REC080 Building Advisor Competency: Conceptual Understanding Component

REC081 Building Advisory Competency: Informational Knowledge Component

REC082 Building Advisor Competency: Relational Skills Component

REC083 Using the Academic Advising Core Competencies Model to Create an Action Plan for Professional Growth and Development


YouTube Recordings for review in 2022-2023

Developing Intercultural Communication Skills for Academic Advising

LGBTQA Ally Development and Advocacy Empowerment for Academic Advisors

Soldiers to Students: Academic Advising for Returning Veterans

Integrating Academic and Career Advising

Strengths and Challenges of Academic Advising in Two-Year College Communities

Academic Advising for Military Students

Advising Strategies for Students on Academic Probation


YouTube Recordings for third review (2023-2024)

[Reviewed 2021-2022 cycle - keep available for now, but review again in 2023-4 cycle]

Ensuring Advisor Success: Mastering the Art of Advising through the First Year of Advising and Beyond

Significant Conversations: The Art and Science of Communication in Transformational Advising

Infusing Research into Practice: Multiple Pathways to Conducting Research in Advising

The Role of Academic Advising in Student Persistence 

Effective Academic Advising Strategies

Breaking Bad News: Delivery Techniques that Help Students Make Good Alternative Choices

The Role of Faculty Advisors in Student Success 

A Strengths Development Approach to Academic Advising 

Using Groups in Academic Advising  

Conducting Needs Assessment for Professional Development 

Key Issues for Academic Advising Administrators 

Legal Implications of Academic Advising  

Ethical Decision Making in Academic Advising  

Emerging Issues in Academic Advising Theory 

The impact of Advising on Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Students:  NACADA-NACEP Collaborative Webinar