Recordings for Review

Viewing some of the the recordings below may require the Quicktime player, a free video player.  If needed, you can download the Quicktime player here.

Questions to consider in conducting a review:

  • Does the title accurately describe the content?
    • Based upon the title/description, does the material included deliver as promised?
  • Is the presentation structured logically so viewers can easily follow the line of reasoning?
  • Is the information provided relevant to issues advisors face today, or is it out-dated?
  • Is the presentation engaging and technically pleasing?
    • Is the sound quality good enough to be understandable?
    • Are the text screen materials readable?
  • If this recording is currently available as a free resource (on the NACADA YouTube channel), should it remain available or be retired?
  • If this recording is currently available for purchase in the NACADA store, should it become a free resource (via YouTube) or be retired?

If it should remain available, which of the following Academic Advising Core Competencies might this recording assist with developing?

C1 Understanding of the history and role of academic advising in higher education.
C2 Understanding of the NACADA's Core Values of Academic Advising.
C3 Understanding of theory relevant to academic advising.
C4 Understanding of academic advising approaches and strategies.
C5 Understanding of expected outcomes of academic advising.
C6 Understanding of how equitable and inclusive environments are created and maintained.

I1 Knowledge of institution specific history, mission, vision, values, and culture.
I2 Knowledge of curriculum, degree programs, and other academic requirements and options.
I3 Knowledge of institution specific policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.
I4 Knowledge of legal guidelines of advising practice, including privacy regulations and confidentiality.
I5 Knowledge of the characteristics, needs, and experiences of major and emerging student populations.
I6 Knowledge of campus and community resources that support student success.
I7 Knowledge of information technology applicable to relevant advising roles.

R1 Ability to articulate a personal philosophy of academic advising.
R2 Ability to create rapport and build academic advising relationships.
R3 Ability to communicate in an inclusive and respectful manner.
R4 Ability to plan and conduct successful advising interactions.
R5 Ability to promote student understanding of the logic and purpose of the curriculum.
R6 Ability to facilitate problem solving, decision-making, meaning-making, planning, and goal setting.   
R7 Ability to engage in ongoing assessment and development of self and the advising practice.

  • Should this topic be considered again for a future webinar?
Recordings for review in 2020-2021


REC063 Advising Needs of First Generation Students: NACADA Leaders Share their Experiences [to be reviewed by: Gavin Farber] [reviewed by: Comfort Sumida, Michael Cersosimo, Matt Markin]

REC064 Academic Advising for High Achieving Students: Strategies that Foster Resilience [to be reviewed by: Gavin Farber] [reviewed by: Jill Wheeler, Carla DeLucia, Julia Bedell ]

REC065 Communicating Effectively in Academic Advising [to be reviewed by: Carla DeLucia] [reviewed by: Comfort SumidaJill Wheeler]

REC066 A Narrative Approach to Academic Advising: Helping Students Create their Stories [to be reviewed by: Stephanie Toohey] [reviewed by: Mike Geroux, Matt Markin]

REC067 Advising Needs of First Generation Students - Taking a Closer Look  [to be reviewed by: Anne Graham, Michelle Duncan]  [reviewed by: Julia Bedell ]

REC068 Intersectionality: Understanding Our Students' Multifaceted Identities  [to be reviewed by: Banks Blair, Michelle Duncan] ‚Äč[reviewed by Anne Graham, ]

REC069 Demystifying Research in Academic Advising [to be reviewed by: Mike Geroux, Banks Blair]


YouTube Recordings for second review in 2020-2021


Advising and the Completion Agenda: Key Voices in Higher Education – [2019-2020 review team recommendation is to keep up for now, but some concerns that it is reaching its viability limit, so we will review again this year] 

A Strengths Development Approach to Academic Advising [recorded 2011; reviewed and posted to YouTube 2016]

Academic Advising and Social Justice: Privilege, Diversity, and Student Success [recorded 2015 and posted to YouTube 2016] [to be reviewed by: Michael Cersosimo][reviewed by Anne Graham]