Advising Education Majors Community Goals & Objectives


2020-2021 Strategic Goals
  • Establish a Presenting & Writing Mentorship program within the AC to generate more high-quality submissions related to advising Education Majors.
  • Establish a communication plan to more effectively engage AC members outside of the Annual Conference and to include more voices and perspectives in the ongoing work of the AC.
2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • Advising Community Name Change could expand membership to include advisors of students who are not education majors but still pursuing careers in the field of education.
  • Increase collaboration Help members feel included Document work of AC.
  • Expand professional development opportunities that are relevant and responsive to members’ concerns.
2017-2018 Strategic Goals
  • Have a minimum of 2 members run for chair of the Advising Education Majors Community Group
  • Develop a Facebook page for the Advising Education Majors group
  • Increase the number of proposal submissions and presentation for the Annual Conference to 10
  • Sustain the number of readers for the Annual Conference at 15