Goals & Objectives

2019-2020 Strategic Goals
  • Connection - It is such a privilege to be able to connect with people all around the world. We all come from very different lived experiences and those bring rich perspectives that help us all be the best we can be. Apart from connecting at conferences, one of my goals is to create a stronger connection through social media and by scheduling check ins and discussions. Make sure to join our  Facebook Page .  As the community grows you will see more and more events. Make sure to activate your Facebook notifications so you never miss an update! 

    Goal: Host 3 Lunch and Learn sessions through Zoom for members to connect. 
  • Resource - I also see this community as a fantastic resource. We all have different levels of experience in appreciative advising and there are many great learning opportunities throughout the year that we can engage in, whether that be formal training or more informal group discussions. I want this community to be a place where we can share how we all use Appreciative Advising every day to help each other grow as advisors and institutions.

    Goal: Use technology such as Zoom, Facebook, the NACADA webpage and Email to keep members connected and provide resources to members.
  • Scholarly Work - As an advisor that has only been working for 3 years, I feel I am still in the beginning of my professional journey. NACADA has amazing resources to help us at any stage of the writing process and I want to use this community to connect us so we can all begin to contribute to the academic work that is being done on Appreciative Advising. This has been a goal of mine but I always feel that it is a daunting journey. I am hoping to make connections so that we can all move forward with our personal goals and make some great contributions to the field. 

    Goal: Contribute 1 Research Brief and create a writing group in partnership with NACADA