Assessment of Advising Community Goals & Objectives

Provide assessment resources and information to the NACADA membership

  • Share current and relevant information about the NACADA Consultant and Speakers Bureau, NACADA Clearinghouse, and NACADA Institutes.
  • Offer materials on the website to assist NACADA members who are participating in assessment of advising.
  • Provide a list of contacts on the NACADA website of people interested in assisting with assessment or who are currently working on assessment of advising.

Provide opportunities for networking and relationship building along others interested in assessment of advising

  • Connect commission members with other members who are doing or have done similar assessment work through the website and the annual conference
  • Share experiences and ‘best practices’ related to assessment of advising at annual meetings and using the listserv
  • Welcome new members who are interested in assessment and pair them up with a mentor from the commission
  • Post an assessment ‘Question of the Month’ on the Assessment Listserv
  • Provide an assessment spotlight each semester to highlight the assessment work that is being done (using examples from NACADA presentations or NACADA Assessment Institute)

Promote the purpose and value of assessment of advising

  • Explain the purpose of assessment of advising on the website
  • Share examples of the positive impact of assessment from Assessment Institute attendees using the listserv

Promote research and scholarship of assessment of advising

  • Collaborate with other commissions to help encourage research and scholarship
  • Encourage publications and conference presentations on the topic of assessment via the listserv

Expand and communicate the scholarship of academic advising 

  • Increase the number of NACADA publications (presentation proposals, clearinghouse articles, AAT articles, etc.) that are submitted on the topic of assessment. 

Provide professional development opportunities that are responsive to the needs of advisors and advising administrators

  • Encourage more people to attend the Assessment Institute as a result of the Assessment Commission.
  • Connect people who are interested in doing assessment of advising with others who share similar interests and are working on similar projects.
  • Foster collaboration on presentations and articles 

Develop and sustain effective association leadership

  • Establish a solid Steering Committee to be in place for the new leadership. 

Pursue innovative technology tools and resources to support the association

  • Create survey(s) to learn about how the commission sees these tools and resources as most beneficial to them 
2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • Establish a communication plan and social media presence.
  • Form steering committee of at least six persons where each participates either as leader of subcommittee or as back-up.
  • Ensure other assessment-related professional organizations are kept abreast of NACADA advising assessment resources and programs.
  • Establish team to revisit feasibility and offer recommendation (with timeline) on the creation of a pocket guide or similar resource for Advising Assessment.
  • Update assessment related resources on the NACADA Clearinghouse.