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Assessment Tools Developed by Advising Programs

The purpose of this space for the exchange of assessment information among members. NACADA and the Assessment of Advising Commission do not evaluate, authenticate, nor endorse any assessment instrument or method submitted. Please contact submitters directly for information on validity and reliability, authorship, and copyright restrictions. We urge you to use this information solely to begin or further discussion on assessment at your institution.

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Academic Advising Inventory Please note the guidelines and policies related to use of this instrument.

Macon State College, Academic Advising CenterAdvising Questionnaire 

Marymount College:
Assessment of Academic Advisors and Academic Advising Programs
Appendix A: Advisor Assessment Instrument - Student Survey 
Appendix B: Academic Advisement Program Evaluation - Advisor Survey 
Contact Information:
Joe Cuseo, Professor, Psychology and Director, Freshman Seminar
Marymount College
Phone: 310-377-5501 (ext. 235)

Oregon State University, College of Forestry
Evaluation Form
Rights and Responsibilities 

University at Albany, State University of New York:
Focus Group Protocol 
Exit Survey 
Contact Information:
Joshua Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis, School of Education
Phone: (317) 274-6801

University of Colorado-Boulder: Environmental Engineering Program: Advising Evaluation 

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Colleges of Arts and Sciences:
Group Session Evaluation
Individual Appointment Session Evaluation 
Contact Information:
Email Lynne Higa or Mike Kirk-Kuwaye

University of Minnesota-Morris:
Implementing an Assessment of Advising at the University of Minnesota-Morris 
Assessment of Advising for the Fall Semester 
Assessment of Advising in the Major 
Email Brenda Boever, University at Minnesota-Morris