Canadian Advising Community Goals & Objectives

The Canadian Advising Community aims to reflect NACADA’s Strategic Goals:

While working to bring together and address the needs of advisors serving students at Canadian institutions, we will:

1.   Increase Canadian participation in NACADA events and programs.

This includes but may not be limited to the following:
  1. Providing resources on the Canadian AC NACADA web page
  2. Fostering ongoing dialogue on matters of interest to Canadian advising on the ACD listserv
  3. Encouraging Canadian participation on conference committees for regional or national conferences that are held in Canada and across the world 
  4. Having an active display at all NACADA conferences where Canadian members are in attendance
  5. Encouraging the development of further Canadian Allied organizations

2.   Advance the body of knowledge of academic advising.

This includes, but may not be limited to the following:
  1. Encouraging all Canadians to take an active role in NACADA. This could include presenting at conferences, serving on various administrative committees, offering webinars, as well as other opportunities within the association
  2. Encouraging Canadian members to engage in research into advising and student success in Canada 
  3. Act as consultants for NACADA resource development (e.g., provide Canadian statistics for webinars, encourage members to present at conferences to provide a Canadian perspective)
  4. Supporting the existing Allied organizations through the promotion of professional development events that are offered in the various Canadian provinces
  5. Build a foundation of knowledge about advising practices in Canada through posting summary reports and links to Canadian advising resources on the Canada Interest Group web page that is hosted on the NACADA site

3.   Appreciate the diversity amongst Canadian students, advisors, institutions, and provinces by engaging with one another at NACADA events in order to enhance our knowledge of effective academic advising. We will work to provide a network for advisors from across Canada to come together for professional development opportunities.

4.   Work with NACADA to investigate ways of increasing Canadian participation in NACADA.

This includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Developing a Canadian scholarship to assist advisors from Canadian institutions with the cost of taking part in international events such as NACADA conferences and institutes
  2. Enhancing the list of potential Canadian speakers that are listed on the NACADA website
  3. Encouraging Canadian institutions to post positions to the NACADA careers page