Health Professions Advising Community Goals & Objectives

  • Quarterly steering committee member meetings
  • Local, regional, and national campaign for health professions advising presentations
  • Mid-year health professions advising hot topic group chat/video conference
  • Encourage members to submit presentation proposals for national regional, and local conferences, perhaps in conjunction with other members
  • Encourage members to submit articles for publication about issues of concern to the members
  • Foster a sense of collaboration among members
  • Assist members to obtain information about trends and relevant issues in the various health professions
  • Encourage members to provide professional support and mentoring for new health professions advisors
  • Increase the involvement of HPAC steering committee and its members
2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • Completion of the Topical Template for Health Professions Advising and using ZOOM for complying the topics for the template.
  • Holding a mid-year meeting with the members via Zoom.