Undecided and Exploratory Students AC Goals & Objectives


  • Form an active steering committee
  • Increase proposals submitted to NACADA Annual Conference (clarify new options and keywords)
  • Continue to recognize efforts of CUES members (presentations, publications, awards, etc.)
  • Create opportunities for more sustained involvement outside of steering committee
  • Increase interaction and resource availability on topics related to CUES advising and assessment of undecided advising programs


The steering committee is aware that there are many active members in NACADA contributing to the undecided/exploratory field, and we want to make sure those efforts are recognized. We spent time exploring different methods of recognition and platforms to recognize efforts and have been able to share the Annual Conference presentations on the main webpage as a good first step toward accomplishing this goal.

2018-2019 Strategic Goals
  • Create an active Steering Committee
  • Create a Facebook group for members to use to connect with colleagues, ask questions, share ideas, and post blogs
  • Increase conference proposals related to undecided and exploratory students
  • Continue award nominations advising community members and work related to exploratory advising