Common Reading

Announcing the Common Reading for the 2020 Region 5 Conference in Milwaukee! The discussion will take place during concurrent session 6, 4:30-5:30 on Tuesday, March 31st, in the Oak Room of the Milwaukee Hilton. The article, entitled " My Most Memorable Advisee: A Model of Persistence " won Evelyn Beck the Mentor's seventh annual Academic Advising Writing Competition. To promote wellness by celebrating our successes and remembering our most inspiring students, we invite you to toast your most memorable advisees! We are therefore beginning the common reading discussion  now, before the conference, in the " NACADA Region 5 Common Read: A Toast to Our Most Memorable Advisees! " Facebook Group.

May this group serve as a support resource for advisors to promote wellness through engaging our purpose, whether you are able to attend the 2020 Region 5 Conference or not! Then, those of us at the conference will come together to engage in a discussion of wellness. So please, enjoy Evelyn's beautifully written article, and may it inspire you to share your own story within the Facebook Group. We look forward to reading your stories, and to toasting our successes together in Milwaukee!