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Wednesday, April 26


Region 5 Mentoring Program Workshop - Invite Only

1-4 p.m. | Cost: Free; Invite-only
Diana ‘Di’ Dingman, Region 5 Mentoring Coordinator | Indiana University
Karen Spangler, NACADA 2022-2023 Mentor | Ball State

The Region 5 Mentoring Program Workshop is a restricted workshop for screened mentors/mentees that committed to participate in a year-long professional development program. Mentor/mentee candidates applied in March and were selected based on demonstrated program commitment conveyed in their application. The program kicked off prior to the conference where mentoring partners were paired and began a dialogue exchanging background information. This three-hour pre-conference workshop guides mentoring pairs through a professional development training session learning about the importance of mentoring to NACADA for developing future leaders, what mentoring is, mentor/mentee expectations, a reflection of past mentoring pair accomplishments, and annual communication plans. The mentoring pair creates a draft of their strategic plan for the year, establishing a communication plan and developing goals focusing on what the mentee wants to achieve in the upcoming year.

P1: Creating Effective Digital Advising Tools

2-4 p.m. | Cost: $40
Emma Hage | University of Cincinnati

In this workshop, advisors and advising administrators will create a comprehensive plan for enhancing their advising tools to support students’ digital skill development. Digital literacy can help students develop self-efficacy, communicate with faculty and advisors, understand degree requirements, identify campus opportunities, and navigate learning management systems, among other essential academic and professional tasks. However, these tasks become challenging when an institution’s systems are outdated, lack accessible language, don’t work, or are generally complicated to use. Participants will analyze their current advising tools—including institutional resources and webpages—and identify ways in which they can be enhanced to better support digital literacy development, eliminate barriers to digital literacy, and improve advising services.

P2: Using Iterative Design and Flipped Advising to Upgrade Your Advising Sessions

2-4 p.m. | Cost: $40
JP Villavicencio | University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Elisa Shaffer | Old Dominion University

Join us to learn how to use instructional design approaches and flipped advising to upgrade your advising sessions. Flipped advising is an intentional teaching and learning approach to academic advising based upon the flipped classroom teaching style. By utilizing instructional design practices, including a three phase iterative design approach, advisors will be able to approach their advising sessions and curriculum from a new perspective to enhance their student interactions with intentionality to promote student learning. The presenters will provide attendees with practical strategies grounded in learning and instructional design theory. Participants will leave this session with knowledge and a template to implement flipped advising with instructional design principles at their institutions.

CANCELLED | P3: Engaging Generation Z in the Academic Advising Process

P4: Maximize Your NACADA Membership and Your Conference Experience

4:15-5:30 p.m. | Cost: Free - no registration necessary.
NACADA Leaders

We've combined the best advice and put it into one session. All participants are invited to discover the opportunities to maximize their membership experience. Through activity and discussion attendees will learn more about the resources and leadership opportunities available within NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising and the divisions that make up the association's structure.