2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022

PLEASE NOTE | This is an election for the Region Steering Committee. You'll have an opportunity to vote in the NACADA General Election beginning February 11. These are two separate elections. The general election will elect members to the NACADA Board, Region Chairs for even regions, and certain Advising Community Chairs, as well as other leadership positions. The Region Steering Committee Election will elect leaders for the positions below.

2022 Region Steering Committee Election
February 3-14, 2022
2022 NACADA General Election
February 11-24, 2022
Current NACADA members received a ballot on February 3. Please vote by February 14.  Current NACADA members as of January 31 recieved a ballot on February 11. 
Members need to follow the instructions in the email to vote. 


What is the Region Steering Committee?
The Region Steering Committee helps the Region Chair set region direction through establishing goals and outcomes, aiding in establishing the region budget, carrying out responsibilities and initiatives, and providing historical perspective during transitions of region leadership. The Region Steering Committee represents the diversity of the region, as well as represents each geographical area within the Region. All Region Steering Committee roles are two-year terms, elected by the region membership, unless otherwise explicitly stated. Newly elected members will start their term at the Region Conference.

Qualifications and Requirements for Region Steering Committee Positions
   • current member of NACADA, and maintain their membership through their term.
   • attend both the Region and Annual conferences in-person (if possible).
   • attend (in-person or virtual) all other meetings of the Region Steering Committee.
   • Region Steering Committee members may run for election in a second consecutive term.
   • After serving two consecutive terms, a member must wait two years before serving in another Region Steering Committee position.

2022 Region 7 Steering Committee Election

Membership Engagement Coordinator 

Olivia Miller

I am running for Membership Engagement Coordinator as I am interested and invested in helping other members become involved with NACADA and Region 7. My first involvement outside of conferences was serving as the Nebraska Liaison for Region 6 (2018-2020); a meaningful experience that helped me grow my NACADA network. I have been serving as Co-Chair of Research for the Advising Community on Advisor Well-Being & Retention since its founding and have found it a great community. I am passionate about NACADA and the many avenues a member may become involved and this position would allow me to do that in an official role. While the association may seem large and daunting, there are many ways to find your own home and learn and grow with others. I believe I am well-suited for this position with my own involvement path and would like to support others on their path.


Kansas Liaison

Erica Kruckenberg

I enjoy helping leverage resources across state lines to enhance and diversify the advising experience for our students and the institutions they attend. By blending together a mix of large and small school experiences along with public and private settings creates a recipe that will benefit everyone involved. I look forward to the opportunity to help create this environment.


Louisiana Liaison

Alyssa Wagner

My name is Alyssa Wagner and I currently serve as Director of Academic Advising at SOWELA Technical Community College. I have been a member of NACADA in Region 7 since 2016 and would love to further my involvement in NCADA. My experience in NACADA has awesome, as I have progressed on my journey from an academic advisor to now an advising administrator. NACADA has given me the opportunity to meet and network with wonderful colleagues along with providing support and resources to challenge and shape my career. The opportunity to represent Louisiana as a liaison in Region 7 would be an honor, as I would work to continue fostering connection and provide collaborative professional development opportunities at both the state and regional levels. I would love to give back to the NACADA community that has provided so much insight, support, and encouragement to me. Thank you for your consideration.


Texas Liaison

Tamala Boyd

I attended my first NACADA conference in October and enjoyed the conference and all of the wonderful people so much that I knew at that moment I needed to be involved. I believe this would be an excellent opportunity to do so.