Region 8 members received an email on January 24. The ballot will remain open until 11:59 p.m. central Monday, February 4. 


The Region 8 Steering Committee has approved to add the following position to the Steering Committee. Region 8 members will vote on approving this position in the current election. 

Two-year College Liaison
Description - The Two-Year College Liaison encourages participation and professional relationship building of two-year college advisors through NACADA. Serves as the facilitator between the steering committee and two-year colleges to present relevant issues to the committee. Also encourages professional development by providing members with information regarding awards programs, upcoming events, regional/state announcements, and participation in region and annual conferences.

Responsibilities - Develops two-year college networks within Region 8. Participates in at least one subcommittee or assist another committee member on a project, based on interest and in consultation with region chair. Promotes regional conference and other region, state and province events at the two-year college level. Provides steering committee with two-year college updates at committee meetings. Attends regional and annual conferences (when possible). Participates in steering committee meetings.


Alaska Liaison

Deven Lisac
Platform Statement

Alberta Liaison

Myreene Tobin
Platform Statement


Montana Liaison

Anna Gonzalez
Platform Statement


Oregon Liaison

Katie Richardson
Platform Statement


Communications Coordinator

Jenesis Long
Platform Statement

Kristen McMullin
Platform Statement


Inclusion and Engagement Coordinator

Audrey Cox
Platform Statement

Patrick L. Fernandez
Platform Statement

Lorna Hamill
Platform Statement

Veronica Mendez-Liaina, M.Ed.
Platform Statement

Rasha Tawfik
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Region 8 Election Rotation History

Spring 2019 Elections
1. Communications Coordinator
2. Inclusion & Engagement Coordinator
3. Technology Coordinator
4. Alaska Liaison
5. Alberta Liaison
6. British Columbia Liaison
7. Montana Liaison
8. Oregon Liaison

Spring 2018 Elections
1. Technology Coordinator
2. Inclusion & Engagement Coordinator
3. British Columbia Liaison
4. Montana Liaison

Fall 2016 Elections
1. Communications Coordinator
2. Budget Coordinator
3. Alaska Liaison
4. Idaho Liaison
5. Oregon Liaison
6. Washington Liaison

Fall 2015 Elections
1. Diversity & Social Justice Coordinator
2. Technology Coordinator 
3. Alberta Province Liaison
4. British Columbia Province Liaison
5. Idaho State Liaison
6. Washington State Liaison

Spring 2015 Elections
1. Alaska State Liaison
2. Alberta Province Liaison
3. British Columbia Province Liaison
4. Oregon State Liaison
5. Yukon Territory Liaison.