Criteria for selection of paper/presentation: Proposals will be evaluated based on relevance to current issues in advising, appeal to conference participants, creativity, ingenuity, and applicability for participants after the conference. We are seeking a wide range of presentation topics relating to academic advising from a variety of advising professionals in our region.

Eligibility for submission: Those who are involved in advising--administration, faculty, full-time advisors and administrative staff--are invited to submit proposals. We encourage novices and experienced presenters alike. Share your research, best practices or techniques with colleagues in the region.

Proposals should include your presentation title, learning objectives, and desired format. Titles do not need to incorporate the conference theme.

Please include a brief abstract describing your presentation and the desired learning objectives. Abstracts will be included in the conference program and on the conference website. Please limit characters to 135 words. 

Format Options: Conference sessions at the 2021 Virtual Region Conference include preconference workshops and concurrent sessions, either live, semi-live, or on demand. Concurrent sessions can be in the format of a paper or topic presentation or a panel discussion.  

  • Preconference Workshops are highly participatory sessions that are two hours or three hours. Due to the length of Preconference Workshops, presenters should plan to include some lecture, as well as possible small and large group activities, and a question and answer period. Preconference Workshops should be very hands-on and issue specific with material, activities, strategies, and techniques that the participants can effectively use in the individual stations. 
  • Concurrent Session | A majority of the presentations submitted are Concurrent Sessions. Concurrent Sessions maybe a lecture style featuring one or more presenters or a panel discussion.
    • Live Session | Live presentations will be presented at the scheduled concurrent session times during the live event and will consist of a 30-minute presentation with 15 minutes of Q&A. There will only be a select amount of live sessions, which will be peer-reviewed and selected by the Conference Planning Committee, to offer a balanced program of topics and tracks.
    • Semi-Live Session |Semi-Live sessions will consist of a 30-minute pre-recorded video that is played during the scheduled concurrent session times followed with a live 15-minute Q&A with the presenters. There will only be a select amount of semi-live sessions, which will be peer-reviewed and selected by the Conference Planning Committee, to offer a balanced program of topics and tracks.
    • On-Demand Session | Presenters will pre-record and upload their 30-minute presentation to NACADA. These sessions will be available for viewing at any time for all registered participants during the conference and for 45 days after the conference.

Poster sessions will not be offered at the 2021 Virtual Conference. 

The presentation for all Concurrent Sessions will be 30 minutes. Live and Semi-Live presentations will have a live 15-minute question and answer session. Although the program committee will make every effort to honor your requested format option, the committee may recommend an alternate format in order to accept as many proposals as possible. Presenters will be notified via e-mail. 


  • NACADA does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or marital status.
  • Commercial products are not to be promoted in NACADA sessions.
  • Due to budgetary considerations, the conference is unable to offer complimentary registration for presenters.