NACADA Annual Conference

2011 Annual Conference Program Topics/Tracks

Technology in Advising

Commission Meeting:Technology in Advising

Schwenn,University of Washington

*#AcAdv Chat: The Online Advisor Learning Network

Pasquini,University of North Texas

Popiolek,University of Texas-Austin

Cox,University of Iowa

Howard,University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Advising Online Students: Innovative Techniques, Community Building & Retention

Yanovski,CUNY School of Professional Studies

*Assessment 101: Tools and Strategies to Improve Your Assessment Practices

Switalski,Birou,Drexel University

Become a Filmmaker: Creating and Promoting Effective Advising Videos

Hirschler,Monmouth University

Blogs, Screencasts, & Podcasts: Empowering Your Inner 'Techie'

Schulze,University of Oregon

McFaddin,Brandeis University

*Collaborating with Information Technology to Take Online Advising Tools to New Heights

Walters,Heizer,Columbia College Chicago

Faculty Advising Enhanced with Personalized Website

Baker,University of Delaware

Get Connected: Utilizing Modern Technology to Interact with Students

Linares,Escamilla,Sosa,University of Texas-San Antonio

Green Advising: Promote a Mountain of Change by Making Earth-Friendly Choices in a Virtual Environment

Brown,Pennsylvania State University

Helping Students Climb to New Heights after a Rocky Start

Rataj,Klusmeier,University of Missouri

NACADA Gets Social: How NACADA Members Can Connect with Social Media

Popiolek,University of Texas-Austin

Pasquini,University of North Texas

Holaday,NACADA-Kansas State University

On Facebook and Twitter at Work … Now a Good Thing?

King,Virginia Tech

Packing Lightly: A Survival Guide to Advising on Limited Resources

Conner,Capehart,University of New Mexico

Planning for Tomorrow: Taking Advising Online at the University College Maastricht

van den Wijngaard,Bossel,Manie,University College Maastricht

Reach the Professional Development Summit: Developing Your Online Advisor Learning Network

Larsen,University of Texas-Dallas

Pasquini,University of North Texas

Social Media Made Simple

Ely,Konieczny,McNeely,Texas State University-San Marcos

The Joy of Assessing Technology for Advising: Someone has to do it!

Steele,Ohio Learning Network

Johnson,Utah State University

Larsen,University of Texas-Dallas

Pasquini,University of North Texas

To Poke or Not To Poke? The Ethics of Advisors' Use of Social Media

Duberstein,Ohio Dominican University

Pascal,Northern Virginia Community College

Pasquini,University of North Texas

Using Technology in Advising: Best Practices, Tools, and Tips

Roberts,Yamanaka,Western Michigan University

Using Technology to Prepare Students for Orientation and Beyond

Brown,Carpenter,Penn State University-Abington College

Video Podcasting as a Means of Student Outreach

Buckwald,Georgia State University

Howard,University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Pasquini,University of North Texas

Esposito,Virginia Commonwealth University

World Campus Social Media: Creating the Penn State Experience through Strategy and Engagement

Rupert,Smith,Penn State World Campus