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NACADA webinars allow advising professionals to access valuable content from anywhere with an internet connection.NACADA webinars are focused events concerning topics of importance to academic advisors and advising administrators.All webinars may be viewed by individuals on their desktop/laptop computers or by groups in conference room settings.

NACADA webinars are a live 60 minute presentations conducted in the Zoom presentation platorm.. Each presentation consists of approximately 45 minutes of presentation followed by 15 minutes of audience questions and answers. Each NACADA webinar is recorded and participants will have access to the online recording for 60 days. Additionally, the recording will be made available for purchse in the NACADA Store.

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    From Transactional to Transformational Referrals: Equipping Advisors and Students for Success

    March 14 - Mar. 14, 2024

    1:00 PM

    To provide effective referrals, we must move beyond transactional (providing information) to transformational - where students learn what resources are available and how to advocate for themselves to get what they need. Click here for more information.

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    Connecting to Students through Text Messaging Chatbots

    April 9 - Apr. 9, 2024

    1:00 PM

    Artificial intelligence text-messaging chatbots are becoming more popular in higher education, as institutions implement the tool to give students an outlet to ask questions and staff members a new avenue to communicate. Click here for more information.

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    Small Fish in a Big Pond: Advising Rural Students at Large Institutions

    April 30 - Apr. 30, 2024

    1:00 PM

     Presenters with personal and research experience with rural student populations will share best practices, as well as their passion for supporting students from small towns. Click here for more information.

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    Leveling Up Advisor Engagement with Social Justice: Technology, Social Media, and Inclusion

    May 22 - May. 22, 2024

    1:00 PM

    It is critical that advisors engage in social justice work to foster more inclusive and equitable practices on their campuses and within the profession. Click here for more information.

Webinar Viewing
Copyright & Fair Use
How long is the webinar?

All webinars will be 60 minutes unless otherwise specified. This generally consists of 45 minutes of presentation, followed by 15 min of Q&A.

Where can I find the handouts?

All handouts and slides are sent to participants via email the business day prior to the broadcast.

What system do you use for webinars?

We use the Zoom Webinar Platform for all our webinars.

Can I watch a webinar with my colleagues?

Yes! We encourage you to watch webinars with your colleagues. But you cannot share your login. Be sure to reserve a room on your campus to gather your colleagues to watch the webinar or recording and then discuss it afterward. Make it an event!

Don't forget to think through the various aspects of set-up and facilitation well in advance of the event including if you'll need campus resource personnel to assist with facilitation or follow-up.

What should I do if I want to host a webinar viewing?
  • Complete the online registration (or purchase a recording).
  • Reserve a room on campus appropriate for the technology and the audience. You may want to allow 30-60 minutes before the broadcast for system checks and up to 2 hoafterwardards for discussion.
  • Test your system well in advance. 
  • Determine who will facthe ilitate discussion before and/or after the broadcast. You may wish to identify and invite a topic expert on campus if the topic is outside your expertise. Work with the facilitator after any event materials have been distributed to plan the discussion protocol.
  • Send invitations to everyone who might benefit from the event. Be sure to include a FULL DESCRIPTION of the event’s content (OVERVIEW found on the event webpage), not just the title, in your invitation to ensure that everyone you invite has appropriate content expectations. Invite professional, faculty, and peer advisers; front-line advising center staff; graduate students in advising programs; student affairs staff; advising/undergraduate education administrators; career counselors; admissions and registration counselors; anyone and everyone you can think of who might be interested.
  • Send a reminder to those invited one week before the webinar.
  • Send any webinar materials or handouts to invited participants 1-3 days before the event.
  • Re-check you24 hours within 24-hours of the broadcast.
  • Purchase refreshments (popcorn, Twizzlers, water, soda, etc.) before the event if budget and facilities allow (or recruit someone to do this for you).
  • Arrive at the room before the webinar to allow for tweaking of the technology and greeting of participants.
  • Follow up with participants to thank them for attending and gather feedback for future webinars.
  • Send feedback/evaluation to NACADA Executive Office.
Can I ask questions of the panelists?

Absolutely! We try to make time during each webinar for questions. But if there's not enough time to get to your individual question, the panelists always are happy to respond to your questions through email (emails for each panelist found in the handouts).

Call for Proposals is Now Open!

We extend a warm welcome to everyone who is professionally engaged in academic advising; helping students in higher education to realize their dreams and reach their full potential. Get involved in our global community, and benefit from the experience and insights of over 12,000 advising colleagues – and share yours with them!