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Bringing Cultural Humility to Academic Advising (DW107)

Online Webinar Presentation
Wednesday, February 2, 2022
1pm Central Time (time zone converter)

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Webinar Overview

In 2007, Leigh Cunningham, NACADA’s new Webinar Producer and then recent author of the NACADA Clearinghouse anchor article on Multicultural Awareness Issues for Academic Advisors, discovered that she and Blane Harding, then Director of Advising for Colorado State University’s College of Liberal Arts, were “kindred spirits” in their thinking regarding the topic of cultural awareness. It was a delight for them to work together in May of that year to close the association’s first Webinar season with Blane’s presentation of Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Strategies for Developing Cultural Competence in Academic Advising. That presentation received rave reviews from the live audience, and the recording was offered in the NACADA store for five years before being posted on the association’s YouTube channel, where it has garnered over 2,600 views.

Blane and Leigh have had opportunities to connect over the years and have enjoyed seeing how their perspectives have evolved through experiential learning with new situations and world events. Blane has recently retired from his position as Director of Diversity Engagement for the Virginia Tech Office of Inclusion and Diversity, and Leigh is looking forward to retirement soon as well. Thus, it was Leigh’s great pleasure to have the chance to invite Blane to return to NACADA’s webinar venue to share his Cultural Humility presentation, which she had heard him give during the 2021 NACADA Summer Institute, with the wider virtual audience.

Join us to hear Blane discuss what he has learned over the years about the difference between cultural competence and cultural humility. The construct of cultural competence assumes that one can learn or know enough, that cultures are monolithic, and that one can reach a full understanding of a culture to which they do not belong. In contrast, cultural humility encourages ongoing personal reflection and growth around culture in order to increase awareness and introspection. Cultural humility encourages lifelong learning with no end goal but rather an appreciation of the journey of growth and understanding. You will learn from Blane how practicing cultural humility allows individuals to appreciate the journey of growth and provides avenues to disrupt inequitable systems in higher education.

 Academic Advising Core Competencies that will be addressed in this presentation include:

C4  Academic advising approaches and strategies.
C6 How equitable and inclusive environments are created and maintained.
I1 Institution specific history, mission, vision, values, and culture.
I5  The characteristics, needs, and experiences of major and emerging student populations.
I6 Campus and community resources that support student success.
R2  Create rapport and build academic advising relationships.
R3 Communicate in an inclusive and respectful manner.


Blane Harding, Director of Diversity Engagement (retired), Office of Inclusion and Diversity, Virginia Tech University

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