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Administrative Director of Advising

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Southeast Community College

Date Posted:

Dec 21 2021 2:25PM

Close Date:

Jan 9 2022

Position Description

Under the general direction and supervision of the Vice President of Instruction and Vice President of Student Affairs, the Administrative Director of Advising is responsible for the college-wide oversight of all intake and academic/program advising processes and procedures. The Administrative Director oversees the caseload of advisor/advisees and manages all aspects of the advising process including training, budget management, data collection, analysis and documentation. The Administrative Director of Advising will collaborate with College leadership to provide comprehensive, innovative and strategic leadership and vision for advising to positively impact student retention, persistence and completion. Work will involve college-wide participation in instructional and student support services, programs and committees. The Administrative Director of Advising is required to travel to all SCC campus locations to perform the essential function of such oversight and services to work with the campus administration, faculty and staff on each campus to ensure effective operations.


- Provide visionary, strengths-based leadership for advising initiatives at SCC.
- Promote physical and psychological health through ongoing supervision, support, professional development and positive communication.
- Provide leadership and oversight of the implementation and application of the CRM Advise module of Ellucian.

Program Development and Evaluation
- Strategically plan, manage and participate in intake and academic advising initiatives that advance student success and focus on improving rates of retention, persistence and completion.
- Develop advising practices and train college advisors on the SCC Advising Model.
- Manage advising caseloads and prepare reports related to retention, persistence and completion.
- Continually evaluate and implement Advising practice updates as needed to best meet the needs of advisees.
- Develop Strategic Planning initiatives annually and monitor progress toward initiatives on a continual basis.
- Report progress towards Strategic Plan initiatives annually and as requested.
- Develop and manage Advising budget and demonstrate fiscal integrity and responsibility.
- Develop, design, revise and update all publication (website, college catalog, student planner, and other media) relating to college Advising.

- Maintain the caseload of advisor/advisees and assist with the onboarding to SCC and other advising needs; proactively identify and implement personalized success and wellness strategies, and develop success plans that are individualized to each student’s strengths and growth areas.
- Assist advisors/advisees in developing educational goals leading to career and course choices that are based on individual abilities, interests and personality characteristics.
- Assist advisors/advisees to develop effective, evidence-based interventions to help students overcome barriers.
- Participate in ongoing professional development regarding needs and best practices when working with diverse student populations (i.e. first generation, low income, student veterans, LGBTQ students, students with physical and mental health challenges, students from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, etc.)
- Assist with general registration activities.
- Assist advisees with academic concerns and respond to staff and student referrals relating to academic issues.
- Supervise and train advisors on interventions and strategies that are informed by research and best practices.
- Administer, score, and interpret career guidance and other assessment instruments and provide occupational and educational information to enable advisees to formulate career decisions.
- Maintain records associated with student advising adhering to FERPA and ethical guidelines.

Collaboration and Coordination
- Upon request serve as a member of the Student Affairs Administrative Team and/or the Instructional Division Administrative Team.
- Serve as a member of SCC’s Campus Assessment, Response, Evaluation Team (CARE) Team which responds to students in need or in apparent/potential distress.
- Collaborate with the Institutional Research Department in the collection, analysis and reporting of retention, persistence and completion data related to advising initiatives and practices.
- Serve as a resource to faculty, staff and administrators in the provision of trend and data interpretation in support of planning, budgeting, grant writing, enrollment management and assessment activities.
- Coordinate services with appropriate student support departments.
- Interact with colleagues, students, and staff in a manner which promotes a positive image of the Advising model and the College and which promotes/facilitates institutional services such as recruitment, placement, and orientation.
- Promote and support the College’s diversity goals; promote/support

Access, Fair Employment, EEO, Equity and Diversity programs.
- Promote and support the College’s organizational environment goals. Maximize operational efficiency by enhancing policies and procedures, staffing, and communication processes and practices. Enhance positive communication processes and practices, and maximize a positive and engaging organizational environment by encouraging input, reflective and transparent communication, and compassion and respect toward the views and ideas of others.
- Represent the college Advising program on campus/college administrative teams and work groups.
- Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with other college instructional and non-instructional divisions, other educational institutions, business/industry and community organizations.
- Attend and participate in division and college meetings as deemed appropriate.
- Collaborate with and report required advisee outcomes to scholarship foundations (i.e. Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation) as needed. Report to and consult with administration regarding students who exhibit concerning behavior (i.e. harm to self or others, suicidal ideation) or who have been victim to or witnessed concerning behavior (i.e. Title IX violations, Clery crimes).

Application Process

Apply online at

Institution Information

Southeast Community College is a vibrant two-year public institution of higher education serving a primary area of 15 counties in southeast Nebraska. SCC offers multiple locations and continues to expand its online opportunities. With high-quality career/technical and academic programs and very affordable tuition and fees, SCC provides students with tremendous opportunities to create their futures through the obtainment of new knowledge, skills and awareness. Our unique blend of career/technical programs will provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the workforce. SCC’s programs provide students with opportunities to work with the latest equipment and technologies. Students enrolled in career/technical programs also receive high-quality instruction in academic areas to ensure they have both the technical and academic skills necessary to succeed at different organizational levels and in a variety of dynamic work environments. The first two years of a four-year degree represent the essential academic foundation. SCC’s Academic Transfer program provides students with an outstanding opportunity to obtain a high-quality academic foundation at very affordable rates. SCC offers small class sizes with instructors dedicated to instructional excellence, student success and the development of reflective and creative learners. The College’s 2020-24 Strategic Plan provides SCC with a roadmap to ensure it focuses on meeting student and employer demand for higher education. The plan emphasizes SCC’s student-centered focus through positive and engaging learning environments and comprehensive support services. SCC is committed to student success in the workforce and in higher education settings. The College believes that learning extends beyond the classroom and specific academic content. SCC students will have opportunities for personal and cultural enrichment through wellness programming, global and diversity education, field experiences, participation in research, academic honor initiatives, and many other challenging and engaging endeavors. The College’s outstanding faculty and staff are committed to student success and have dedicated themselves to SCC’s inspiring mission and purpose. We welcome students of many different backgrounds in our programs and activities. SCC values diversity and inclusion as important and integral parts of the educational process, and we continue to seek students, faculty and staff who bring a variety of life experiences and viewpoints to the College.

Additional Information

Salary information: $66,666/yr.

Contact Information

Human Resources Southeast Community College (402) 437-2553


Required Qualifications


1. Bachelor’s degree in Education, Counseling, Social Work, Psychology or other related fields 2. Three (3) years progressive work experience and professional level work experience at a secondary and/or post-secondary level in one or more areas such as career counseling, advising, admissions, testing, assessment or related field 3. Work experience in a supervisory role 4. Master’s degree may be substituted for one (1) year of the required three (3) years’ work experience

Preferred Qualifications

1. Master’s degree in Education, Counseling, Social Work, Psychology or other related fields 2. Experience with CRM software (i.e. Ellucian CRM Advise) and database systems such as Datatel/Colleague/Ellucian/Banner 3. Community College experience 4. Experience in Advising