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District Director of Advising, Retention and Student Success

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East Mississippi Community College

Date Posted:

Dec 4 2020 9:53AM

Close Date:

Jan 8 2021

Position Description

The District Director of Advising, Retention and Student Success is responsible for promoting student success with specific supervisory responsibilities for academic/instructional advising, institutional retention efforts and coordinating counseling partnerships with community agencies. The district director of advising, retention, and student success will also work with enrollment management, student affairs, and instruction to develop an orientation experience that cultivates student support, student success services, and activities that support the College's goals and mission.


1. Directs and coordinates academic advising and counseling for all students, including career planning, and other student support services, while working among the various advising sectors.
2. Collaborates with instructional deans, faculty, college coordinators, co-curricular offices, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure consistent advising practices and cohesive communication to students regarding advising-related policies.
3. Coordinates with the associate dean of instruction that implements, manages, and evaluates student success programs in support of student retention and student success;
4. Work with the instructional leadership, enrollment management and student affairs department heads to implement an orientation and/or first year experience program that cultivates students support and success;
5. Identify, implements and supervises the application and use of the College’s early alert system;
     a. Oversee the development of a new early alert program, developing strategies for efficient early alert utilization and assessment of interventions. Use early alert data to provide recommendations for improving student retention along the continuum of a student’s enrollment to the student’s educational goal/degree attainment.
     b. Monitor assignment of students to faculty and professional advisors per the developed early alert model guidelines, and provide training and ongoing support for the early alert system.
     c. Monitor and assess advisees’ academic progress and interventions with students who are not reaching their academic goals or making satisfactory academic progress. Ensure outreach to students who receive an early alert for academic concerns, attendance, or midterm grade reports.
6. Coordinates and implement special projects and programs related to overall student retention initiatives.
7. Assess student drops and withdrawals to determine any patterns or course combinations that appear to be barriers to student success.
8. Coordinates counseling efforts, as needed and/or required via counseling partnership in the community.
9. Maintains current knowledge of Mississippi Community College Board rules pertaining to the articulation course transferability, degree planning, and dual credit/enrollment.
10. Coordinates linkages for assistance with student support services with student recruitment, activities, and orientation programs, and other programs, as needed;
11. Maintains current knowledge of theory, practice and ethics within the advising, retention and student success profession through professional development opportunities;
12. Assists and/or coordinates training for the college’s stakeholders in advising best practices.
13. Develops appropriate forms and materials to support all academic counseling and advising activities;
14. Develops and presents workshops designed to meet student and staff needs on a variety of subjects, as needed;
15. Familiarize oneself with the testing options that are available for academic placement at the institution.
16. Provides leadership support and direction in the development the department’s budget and the purchasing process for student advising.
17. Provides supervision in data collection and analysis for required college and state reports to assure that programs and courses comply with the state and federal guidelines;
18. Provides regular evaluations of staff;
19. Supervise the Complete 2 Compete program and its staff.
20. Serve on several college committees to represent academic advising and retention services to communicate the student perspective effectively.

Application Process

1. Submit complete application
2. Resume or Vitae
3. Letters of recommendation (optional)

Institution Information

Additional Information

Contact Information

Dr. James L. Rush VP for Instruction


Required Qualifications

Master’s degree in Counseling, Education, Student Affairs or related field is required. Work Experience include required number of years documented experience in a comparable/related position: 3 years
Skills: Strong work ethic, excellent communication, interpersonal skills – including being self-motivated with the ability to function productively and independently, required; Office management skills, required;

Preferred Qualifications

5 years of relevant work experience preferred, Community college or university experience is preferred.