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Financial Aid Counselor

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Financial Aid, University Support Services


St. George's University

Date Posted:

Oct 21 2021 12:32PM

Close Date:

Jan 1 2022

Position Description

The Clinical Financial Aid Counselor reports to the administrative team which consists of the Director, Associate Director, and Assistant Directors of Financial Aid. This position incorporates the full range of financial aid responsibilities, including assisting graduate level students in the application process, resolving eligibility issues, packaging loans and/or scholarships, certifying federal loans and providing information on loan repayment.


The Clinical Financial Aid Counselor must abide by a complex set of rules and regulations that only pertain to clinical students due to nonstandard nature of the clinical terms. They are tasked with monitoring and awarding every individual clinical aid applicant within a floating academic year with limited applicability to batch processing due to nonstandard nature of students’ rotation schedules. Due to each student’s individualized rotation schedule, eligibility and compliance are at a greater risk, making attention to detail and constant assessment of all student activity crucial. The tasks assigned to the Clinical Financial Aid Counselor requires a high level of skill in identifying processing anomalies and seasoned problem-solving skills. Each Counselor is assigned to work with approximately 900 students.

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University Support Services LLC (USS) is an affiliate of St. George’s University (SGU), a leading provider of international medical education. St. George’s University students and faculty come from 151 countries to the island of Grenada, located in the West Indies

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Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree Proficient in Banner, COD, NSLDS and Office 365

Preferred Qualifications

Minimum of four years of financial aid experience preferred