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Learning Specialist

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Academic Support and Access Services


Cleveland University - Kansas City

Date Posted:

Mar 18 2021 11:56AM

Close Date:

Apr 16 2021

Position Description

Cleveland University-Kansas City has an immediate opening for a full-time Learning Specialist. Consistent with the University's commitment to student success and academic excellence, the Learning Specialist will provide individualized assessment as well as advising and academic support for students in all University programs in collaboration with academic leadership and faculty members to timely identify at-risk students and provide assistance. The Learning Specialist will longitudinally track outcomes of instruments used to assess students as well as interventions designed to improve learning.


1. Act as advisor to students requiring academic support consistent with the University’s mission.
2. Develop academic plans for based upon outcomes of diagnostics and/or needs identified by faculty and/or academic leaders.
3. Assist with the coordination of student tutoring and small group recitation.
4. Assists with accommodated exam processes and activities of the University Testing Center.
5. Coordinate provision of required learning and testing accommodations for students in all programs.
6. Track outcomes of diagnostics and learning interventions utilizing industry-standard metrics.
7. Provide reports each trimester and upon request to academic leadership and other key stakeholders.
8. Assist in interpretation of outcomes data on academic support programming and development of University plans to continuously improve academic support functions.
9. Select and perform appropriate diagnostics on at-risk students. Provide referral to outside agencies/professionals for diagnostic testing and/or assistance.
10. Processes confidential data and information according to guidelines. Maintains student privacy in accordance with University guidelines and all regulatory and legal requirements.
11. Performs additional tasks as needed and/or requested.
12. Participates in functions, activities, and committees that advance the mission, values and vision of the institution.
13. Participates in committees, work groups, etc. as appropriate.

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Required Qualifications

1. Master’s degree from an accredited institution and minimum of two-years discipline related experience.
2. Capable of reading and analyzing research, reports and regulations.
3. Write clear and grammatically correct reports, correspondence, policies, manuals and learning plans.
4. Effective communicating, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
5. Capable of performing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
6. Proficient at utilizing data and evidence to inform policy and procedure for continuous quality improvement.
7. Experience with Campus Management System or other student information systems software.
8. Proficient at word processing, spreadsheets, databases, computerized calendaring, e-mail and internet.
9. Highly organized and detail oriented.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Experience providing academic support services for a professional degree program.
2. Experience assisting students in science based coursework.
3. Experience providing academic support services in online, hybrid, and in-person learning environment.