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R506510/Assistant Director of Student Success

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Assistant Director of Student Success


California College of the Arts

Date Posted:

Jul 12 2021 12:41PM

Close Date:

Aug 20 2021

Position Description

Under the guidance of the Director of Student Success, the Assistant Director of Student Success designs and delivers holistic programs to foster student success and strengthen retention, with particular attention on those experiencing academic difficulty and at-risk students and populations. As part of the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Student Success promotes the academic, personal, and professional development of students in close collaboration with International Student Affairs and Programs, Learning Resources, Career Development, Office of the Dean of Students, Residential Education, and other partners. The Student Success team (within student affairs) complements the Advising team (within academic affairs), whose focus is on degree completion, data-driven planning, and forecasting course demand. The Office of Student Success in turn focuses on providing personalized attention and community-based support for: students on probation or returning from suspension, dismissal, or leave of absence; specific populations such as first-generation students, those with documented disabilities, and those with high financial need; students identified as in need of support through Interim Progress Reports and CCA Cares forms; students who have received insufficient grades in multiple attempts at required courses, etc. The department offers general workshops and events focused on student success and encourages engagement with campus resources, sources of support, programs, and activities so that students can draw strength from connections within the larger CCA community. Initially, this position will spend up to 30% of their time on projects of shared interest between Student Success and the Career Development Office, including Careers-related services, programming, administrative tasks, and events (job fairs, etc.) as well as developing connections to student populations and major fields. Ultimately, this position will revert to 100% Student Success, taking on additional Student Success-specific projects as determined by the Director, Office of Student Success.


Operational and Project Leadership - 15%
-With Director, ensure that administrative systems support one of the following: (1) processing Interim Progress Reports and managing related communication plans; (2) processing, responding to, and/or delegating non-emergent CCA Cares forms (Academic, Potential Missing Student, etc.).
-Use technology to identify at-risk students, track their progress, gather and report on data, and share information as needed.
-Develop ongoing assessment tools to measure outcomes of departmental programs and efforts.
-Address parent/guardian inquiries and issues as appropriate and identify/resolve issues as necessary.
-Collaborate with Student Affairs colleagues, Academic Affairs, Student Records, etc. to improve student success and retention.
-May represent Student Success at Orientation Planning Committee, Student Affairs/Administrative Information Systems, or other groups.
-Hire, train and supervise work-study students or part-time/graduate assistant(s).

Holistic Student Success
- 50% -Success Advising/Coaching: Assistant director will provide individual and small group success coaching/advising to a portfolio of designated populations or advisees which will include a subset of the following: -Students who have encountered academic difficulty:
--Students on Academic Probation, especially those returning from Academic Dismissal/Suspension.
--Students with multiple unsuccessful attempts at required courses.

-Returning students:
--Students on/returning from leave of absence, returning stop-outs.
--Students returning from Disciplinary Suspension.
--Students who left a few courses shy of completing their degrees.

-Specific populations who would benefit from custom approaches:
--BIPOC, first-generation, LGBTQA, multilingual learner, undocumented/DACA/Dreamer students
--Traditional TRIO populations: first-generation students, low-income students, students with disabilities
--Veterans, non-traditional students, commuters, parenting students

-Developmentally-appropriate support, especially for 1st and 2nd year:
--First year: collaborate with LRC and ISAP on acculturation to academic life
--Second year: collaborate with Career Development and Student Life (leadership development) on finding self/place/purpose.
--Cultivation of future BIPOC graduate students.

Proactive student success and retention efforts:
-Develop/deliver programs that reach within student communities before support is needed so that students see Student Success staff as members of their community. Provide resources targeting at-risk populations, and help students to navigate barriers to successful academic acculturation, retention, and good academic standing.
-Develop content (workshops, videos, social media posts, Portal content, Moodle modules) to help students to acquire skills (time management, contingency planning, persuasive communication), administrative savvy, and resilience to navigate challenges and self-advocate.
-Provide administrative advising to help students to navigate systems and processes, especially petitions that may be complex or loaded (dismissal appeal, grade appeals, petition for reinstatement). This support may extend to some barriers to academic success outside of CCA.
-Help students to identify and connect with the staff member(s) in other CCA departments who can best support them.
-Help students to develop communities of academic support: connect with coaches, form study groups, etc.
-Engage with students in person, via phone and text, on Zoom and Moodle, via podcasts, through social media, etc.
-Collaborate with Residential Education, ISAP, Career Development, Learning Resources, Student Life, Academic Program Advising and Planning, Academic Programs, etc. to deliver workshops in residence halls, during in-person or online extended orientation, in online learning modules, etc.
-Maintain a social media presence for Student Success initiatives.

Career Development Office - 30%
-Provide Career Coaching support to first-year, sophomore, BIPOC and other diverse populations
-Create CDO Marketing outreach to BIPOC and other diverse populations to create engagement with services. This may include partnering with Student Affairs colleagues to refer students to appropriate persons/information or attend events (i.e., Orientation, Chimerapooloza, and Commencement)
-Create programming and advise/support BIPOC and other diverse student populations on internship search process
-Oversee Programming of Second-Year Career Development initiatives that Career Development creates for partnerships with Student Life (career development/planning)
-Connect with students via one-on-one appointments, in-class presentations and workshops, classroom visits, and outreach to student organizations -Support Career Development Team in planning and executing career related events (i.e. Career Expo Prep, Career Week, and Resume & Portfolio Labs)
-Provide Co-administrator oversight of Handshake/Workday Student/Salesforce to engage, market, track students, and collect student data/trends

Support Divisional Priorities - 5%
-Contribute to larger retention efforts conducted by student affairs.
-Take an increasing role in preventing and responding to harassment, discrimination, and misconduct, which will include following protocols for reporting and responding to possible incidents and may also include serving as an intake officer or hearing board member.
-Help establish a student culture in which diversity is encouraged and where students learn to respect differences, take responsibility for their actions, and exercise leadership. Work to support a college-wide learning environment that acknowledges diversity and utilizes diverse tools and thought to raise awareness for how and what we learn.
-Manage response to mild to moderate risk-level student emergencies (physical health issues, victims of certain crimes). Respond to more serious emergencies under the direction of senior leadership.
-Perform additional duties as required. Supervisory Responsibility
-Assistant Director will likely supervise work-study student(s) and may supervise part-time staff/graduate assistant(s).

Application Process

Applicants are required to attach a cover letter and resume. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Recommended document file formats are Word or PDF. If there are multiple attachments, we recommend compressing/zipping your files into a zip format file. There is also a place in the application for you to provide a link to large documents. Please submit an application form for each position for which you believe you are qualified. Applications are not kept on file for future positions. For staff positions, screening begins immediately and continues until the position is filled.

Institution Information

Additional Information

EEO Statement
As an educational and cultural institution, California College of the Arts has a responsibility to provide access and opportunities for all people, with special attention to supporting groups historically underrepresented in higher education. We believe that a culturally diverse campus is integral to academic excellence, and our student, faculty, staff, and trustee bodies should reflect the diverse world in which we live, with attention to race, ethnicity, religious creed, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and ability. California College of the Arts is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from individuals who will contribute to its diversity.

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Required Qualifications

-Bachelor’s degree and one year of experience working in academic advising, student success, TRIO programs, or related, retention-focused student affairs or academic affairs area required, two years preferred. Knowledge of current issues and best practices in student success and retention is key to this role.
-Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or experience in design and/or fine arts and a Master's degree in higher education, counseling, or other related field preferred.
-Attunement with institutional culture and demonstrated ability to collaborate and communicate effectively (verbally and in writing) with students, faculty, staff, parents/guardians, and others.
-Ability to exercise outstanding judgment, make sound decisions, and manage difficult situations.
-Comfort with ambiguity and uncertainty. Ability to adapt to changing needs, flourish in a multi-tasking environment, and prioritize work in the context of departmental goals, divisional objectives, and the college’s strategic plan.
-Ability to work independently; exercise initiative, flexibility, and resourcefulness; and identify and implement innovative solutions to problems, projects, and processes that use technology.
-Experience with the development, planning, and implementation of orientations, workshops, and success-focused programs within an academic setting strongly preferred.
-High level of comfort and expertise with technology, including social media, Microsoft Office, Google Apps for Education, Salesforce, etc. Must have experience in social media engagement, development of digital work efficiencies, web interface projects, etc.
-Experience with Workday Student or similar student information system.

Preferred Qualifications

See required qualifications above