Campus Advising Awards

Annually, deserving individuals and advising units are recognized with awards on their campuses for outstanding academic advising, faculty advising, or advising administration. NACADA believes in providing our colleagues with further recognition.  

If you would like to notify the advising community of a colleague who recently received a campus advising award, please submit the award form via our portal:

Nomination Submission Portal

Submission Directions:
  1. Enter a password, then enter it again
  2. Under Type, choose the first bullet, Association Awards/Scholarships/Grants
  3. Pull down the Category arrow and choose Campus Advising Award
  4. The application will be assigned a 5-digit number.  Make a note of this number if you cannot submit at this time.  Click continue.
  5. The campus advising screen will appear, click continue.
  6. Add the award recipient info (Title, Institution, Department, Name of the Campus Award, Address, Phone, Email).  Click continue.
  7. Enter the submitter's info.  (Name, Email)
  8. Nominations must contain adequate factual or narrative material that describes the extent to which an individual meets the awards criteria. Upload the following information in PDF format to support the nomination.
  9. Review the information for accuracy
  10. Click submit
What happens once I submit?

Congratulatory e-mails are sent to the recipient from NACADA and the individual is then listed here by award year.

We applaud these professionals on their campus advising achievements!  

Thank you for your dedication and service to students.

Campus Advising Awards: