Excellence in Academic Advising
Project Process

Institutions selected to be part of the charter cohort will engage in an intensive two-year campus-wide initiative using NACADA's and the Gardner Institute nine "Conditions of Excellence in Academic Advising" as the drivers for discussion, evidence gathering, analysis, planning and the implementation of strategic improvements to advising processes. These Conditions will guide the reflective self-study, strategic assessment, and redesign and strategic assessment of academic advising. This process draws on the academic advising expertise of NACADA and is enriched by the Gardner Institute's success in guiding institutions toward systemic change and improvement in the student experience. The Excellence in Academic Advising process includes guidance and feedback from an assigned consultant throughout the two-year process to support the institution’s development of an evidence-based set of prioritized recommendations for change, as well as support for plan implementation. The process also includes support from a wide array of staff at both NACADA and the Gardner Institute

During Year 1 (Action Plan Development) 

Institutions will conduct a comprehensive self-study in which they gather and analyze data as well as other forms of evidence, and engage in campus-wide discussions. Through this collaborative process, institutions identify a set of recommendations using the findings from the self-study as signposts for change. The process is facilitated through and supported by advisory guidance, process webinars, an institution visit, and data collection tools / support jointly provided by NACADA and the Gardner Institute.

During Year 2 (Action Plan Implementation) 

Institutions will then initiate strategies to act upon the findings and recommendations, ensuring alignment with institutional priorities for the student experience. The institutions’ implementation efforts continue to be supported through ongoing guidance, process webinars, and interaction with both NACADA and Gardner Institute staff.