Graduate Student Annual Conference Scholarship

Application deadline: May 1, 2023

Presented to selected student members pursuing graduate education at either the Master's or Ph.D. or Ed.D. level. This program will give selected individuals studying in the academic advising field or those with an interest in pursuing a career in academic advising an opportunity to attend NACADA's Annual Conference on Academic Advising

The scholarship will waive the student member registration fee to attend the annual conference.  The provision of this type of support upholds one of the primary goals of the Association, which is to offer comprehensive professional development opportunities.

These scholarships are made possible due to the success of the NACADA Silent Auction held during the Annual Conference. 

  • be a current NACADA student member (Note: Student membership requires certification that the student is currently enrolled and is not fully employed in an advising position). Please see the NACADA Student Membership Application.
  • demonstrate an interest in advising as a profession.
  • provide a description of goals to be accomplished through participation in the NACADA Annual Conference

Once awarded a Graduate Student Annual Conference scholarship, recipients will not be eligible in subsequent years.

Application Components:
  1. Completed an application in the Submission Portal.
  2. Advising Resume/Vitae.  Please limit entries to material that pertain directly to academic advising.  Please include a current job position description or list of job responsibilities if nominee/applicant is currently employed in an advising-related position.
  3. Statement on your current area of study and career goals
    • Describe your interest in advising as a profession and your decision to pursue this career path
  4. Statement on Annual Conference and future NACADA participation
    • List and describe the goals you hope to accomplish by attending the Annual Conference. 
    • List and describe your plans for future involvement in NACADA - be specific about any goals for involvement in regions, committees, communities, areas of leadership interest, etc.
  5. Letters of recommendation
    • A required component of the application materials submitted for this award is two letters of recommendation from your institution's officials, at least one of which must be an instructor in your field of study. These letters must be on institutional letterhead.  Please upload these letters and other application requirements no later than the specified deadline(s). Nominators/nominees should collect the letters and upload them as pdf's.  Please don't send these letters separately to NACADA officials.  Any recommendation letter should not contain information the nominee has not already seen.  
    • Please make sure the letters outline the nominee's qualifications and any professional development goals that could be achieved by attending the Annual Conference.
Scoring Criteria:

Graduate Student Annual Conference Scholarship Rubric

COMMITMENT of Scholarship Recipients:

If you are chosen as a recipient, part of your responsibility will be to document your experiences and reflect upon them so that we may promote the benefits of attendance to others.  You may opt to document and reflect on your experience in the following ways:  

  • create a blog post for the NACADA blog
  • Example from Torrence Sorrell from 2017
  • write an article for possible publication by Academic Advising Today
  • craft a digital story of some type with photos/slides from your conference experiences that can be shared 
  • via social media using the Annual Conference hashtag with posts and photos from your experience    
  • propose some other creative way to get the word out about your experience with prior approval from Liz Alcantara,, Executive Office Liaison to the Global Awards Committee

Submit a Nomination