Reviewing: Start to Finish

Throughout the writing process you will have support and guidance from NACADA's graduate research assistant. 


Step One:

  • Email with the title of the available book you wish to review. If you are proposing a book from your personal or institutional library please include the title, author(s), publication date, publisher name, and a short paragraph of how the text relates to the advising process in the email.
  • NACADA will email you back informing you if the book you request is still availabe, or if the book you are proposing has been approved.

Step Two: 

  • Upon approval, you will be provided with due date for your book review draft. Members have 60 days to submit a draft

Step Three:

  • When submitting your book review draft, please make sure it is in a word document format, not a PDF.
  • The graduate research assistant will provide comments and suggestions for edit.

Step Four:

  • Once the edits have been made, you will submit the final book review. Please make sure it is in a word document format, not a PDF. 
  • The graduate research assistant will look over the review for one final check, then the review will be published on NACADA's Book Review web page.

Step Five:

  • You will receive a confirmation email informing you of the publication along with the URL.
  • Charlie Nutt, NACADA Executive Director, sends a congratulatory e-letter with the review URL to an administrator at the book reviewer's institution telling of the publication of your review. You will receive a copy of this e-letter. NACADA will prepare the e-letter and needs the correct contact information for the administrator of your choice. You will be asked to provide the name, salutation (Dr., Ms., Mr., etc), job title, and email address of the person you would like to receive the letter. NACADA hopes this will assist in recognition of your professional efforts and the role NACADA plays in your career.