Writing a Book Review

Members will write a brief review on how the content of the book relates to the advising process and advisors work with students. Members will help expand the field of academic advising by providing suggestions on how the book supports best practices and connects to current issues/topics within higher education. Within the review, members must connect at least one NACADA Core Competency and NACADA Core Value to the text. Links to those can be found below. 

Writing Format:

  • There is no official word count limit. Members are encouraged to write enough to provide a comprehensive, informative, and engaging book review for readers.
  • Before beginning the introduction, members must insert the book citation at the top of the page.
  • On the next line, include "Review by (Name of Reviewer), (Reviewer's Institution), (Reviewer's email address)
  • Follow APA guidelines: General APA Format can be found on Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
  • Incorporate two or three direct quotes from the book into your review.
  • When incorporating the NACADA Core Value and NACADA Core Competency, please ensure you properly cite the materials. Information on how to cite these can be found at the bottom of the Core Values and Core Competencies web pages.
  • Include a reference section following the conclusion of your review. Include the book citation, Core Value and Core Competency citations, and any additional resources you may have implemented.