Apply to be a NACADA Consultant

NACADA's Academic Advising Consultants and Speaker Service is looking for keynote speakers, workshop presenters, program reviewers, and evaluators. Consultants will represent NACADA at campuses across the country to provide expertise in the field of advising. We encourage ACTIVE members of NACADA to apply and expand the areas expertise of the consultants and speaker service can offer.

If you are interested in applying to be a NACADA consultant or speaker, please carefully review the eligibility criteria and submit a complete application to Please print the application as a pdf or print and fax to 785-532-7732. Contact if you have any questions regarding the application or the submission process.

All applications will be reviewed by the AACSS Review & Selection Sub-Committee. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Applicants must be current members in good standing with NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising, with approximately 5 years of increasing involvement and responsibility in the organization (e.g., leadership at the state, regional, national, or international level, conference presentations, and/or Institute participation). Knowledge of and commitment to NACADA's core values, vision, mission and strategic goals are essential for representing the association as a consultant.
  2. Applicants must be able to demonstrate applicable skills, experience, and expertise in those areas where they'll be speaking or consulting (e.g., from employment history, letters of recommendation, conference presentations, etc.)
  3. Applicants must demonstrate proven academic advising experience and expertise, and/or specific expertise in area(s) related to academic advising (e.g., legal issues in higher education, NCAA rules and regulations etc.). This may be demonstrated by submitting written references, published articles, or conference programs listing presentations.
  4. Applicants for speakers/presenters must have experience in public speaking (on their own campus, or at regional, national or international venues).
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  5. Applicants for consultants/reviewers/evaluators must have experience and expertise as advising program directors/ coordinators at their institutions. Their experience must include several of the following: supervising personnel, hiring and training new advisors, team building, evaluating and assessing advising programs, managing budgets, serving as committee leaders, and/or applying for grants.
  6. Applicants for speakers or consultants should indicate any specialized training (e.g., mediation, small group management) which may be applicable to consulting.
  7. Applicants should demonstrate experience in academic advising specialties (e.g., advising students with disabilities, advising student athletes) if these qualifications are applicable.

 A Complete AACSS Consultant Application includes:

  1. Application-Consultant  (please note that this fillable pdf is not able to be saved.  Please allow for enough time to complete in one sitting)
  2. Resume or CV
  3. Philosophy of Academic Advising as it relates to NACADA's mission and strategic goals
  4. Reviews and Evaluations
    • Evidence of experience in program reviews/evaluations, Advising Administration experience, leadership roles locally, regionally, nationally or international.
    • Copy of reviews/evaluations completed
  5. Two Letters of Reference

 A Complete AACSS Speaker Application includes:

  1. Application-Speaker (please note that this fillable pdf is not able to be saved.  Please allow for enough time to complete in one sitting)
  2. Resume or CV
  3. Philosophy of Academic Advising as it related to NACADA'S mission and strategic goals
  4. Evidence of Effective Presenting:
    • Video (examples)
    • Visual aids used during presentations (min. 2 examples)
    • Presentation reviews/evaluations (min. 2 examples)
  5. Two Letters of Reference

Please email these documents as one complete application to

If you would like to apply to be both a consultant and a speaker please complete each application and submit it with your resume, philosophy, and evidence of both speaking and reviews.