The Consultant and Speaker fee through NACADA is $850 per day, per consultant.  Please allow for one preparation day and on-campus day(s) at the rate of $850 per day(s). In addition, there will be a 25% NACADA fee, which is based on the consultant's honorarium.  

Days of the visit include one preparation day and the day(s) the consultant spends at the institution.  If an institutional report is required, a day for report writing will be charged.  (i.e., one day for preparation, two days on-campus, one day for report writing: $3,400 to Consultant/Speaker; $850 to NACADA). Please note the cost excludes the direct expenses that may be incurred for the Consultant/Speaker (i.e. travel, lodging, meals, per diem, etc.). These expenses will be included on the invoice that will be sent to the institution immediately following the visit. All payments to NACADA are expected within 30 days of the visit.

This is comparative to other consulting fees; however, you have the benefit of NACADA assisting you with the process and providing you with a list of qualified experts in the field of advising and student success from which to choose.