NACADA AACSS - Hiring a Consultant

Please note that our consultants/speakers are senior administrators or full-time advisors at their universities and have full schedules. Because of their campus obligations, our consultants/speakers usually need at least two months or more notice in order to set up a campus visit.

  1. Identify the advising areas(s) of need or interest for the Institution. Because it is often difficult to pinpoint specific advising needs, the NACADA Executive Office provides assistance with your needs identification through the request form. 
  2. Please complete the review request form or speaker request form and email  to 
  3. The Executive Office sends focused resumes via email for qualified consultants/speakers whom NACADA recommends based on your request, needs and institution type.
  4. Institution contact person/team selects a consultant/speaker from the resumes and notifies AACSS Program Manager in the Executive Office of their selection.  
  5. Executive Office confirms with the consultant/speaker of his/her availability for the date(s) requested. If the consultant/speaker is available, the ACCSS Program Manager will complete and email the NACADA Agreement Form which outlines the visit charges and estimate of travel costs to which the institution is agreeing.
  6. Upon return of the Agreement Form from the institution, the form is forwarded to consultant/speaker for their signature.  Copies of the completed, signed Agreement Form will be distributed to the institution and the consultant/speaker.  
  7. The institution and consultant/speaker will begin communications in regards to detail and expectations for the upcoming visit.  The institution will prepare materials in advance for the consultant/speaker and forward it to him/her.  The consultant/speaker will book their travel arrangements at this time.
  8. Following the visit, the AACSS Program Manager will invoice the institution for the consultant/speaker's honorarium, travel expenses and NACADA fee.  NACADA is responsible for issuing honorarium and travel reimbursement payment to the consultant/speaker.
  9. An electronicconsultant/speaker evaulation survey will be emailed to the institution contact person.  We ask for your feedback as it helps NACADA to continue to provide quality speaking and consulting services to higher education.

'I feel strongly that we will be able to accomplish more in six months based off of their visit than we would have with years of trying to do it on our own.'  Brett Fugate, Director of Academic Advising, University of Colorado Colorado Springs