Research Skills & Tips

The NACADA Center for Research will serve as a resource for professional development of research skills. We enjoy a close partnership with the NACADA Research Committee, which is a dynamic group of members committed to the advancement of our profession through scholarly inquiry. Check their webpage for information about Research Grants, Research Awards, and the process for submitting proposals to recruit participants for your important research.

Research Skills and Tips (be sure to log in to the NACADA site first):

This will be a good place to start for brief overviews of concepts and steps related to a wide range of designs and paradigms. 

Coming soon:

  • Writing an Effective Grant Proposal
  • Ethics in Research #1: An Overview
  • Global Perspectives #1: Research in the United Kingdom
  • And many more!

Check back soon for additional series modules and more topics, such as conducting literature reviews and developing critical questions for analysis.

UCLA Research 1

UCLA Research 3

Virtual Research Café Q&A

This Q&A series focuses on the "ins and outs" of various research topics and will feature academics, experienced researchers, and other subject matter experts. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion too! These sessions will then be recorded and posted on our website.

These Q&A sessions will be interactive sessions roughly 90 minutes in length, audience members can come and go as their schedule allows, and the sessions will benefit the entire advising community since they will be recorded to watch anytime.

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Research Tools

Click here for the NEW 2-part video on using Mendeley and Zotero for collaborative writing projects!