Position Description & Requirements

All candidates must have a current general NACADA membership during the nomination and election process. All elected leaders must maintain a current general NACADA membership throughout their term. 

Board of Directors

*Board members serve staggered three-year terms
*Attend Spring mid-year meeting in Manhattan, KS
*Attend two Board meetings during NACADA Annual Conference
*Participation in monthly Board zoom meetings
*Attend other Board zoom meetings as called by President

Division Representatives

*Serves an alternate 2-year term (overlapping vs. concurrent)
*All Division Reps serve on the NACADA Council
*Participation in Council zoom meetings
*During NACADA Annual Conference, Division Reps will attend the meetings of the Division, Council meeting, and first Board Meeting. Attendance at second Board meeting is optional. 
*Attend Spring mid-year Council meeting in Manhattan, KS, if required

Region Chairs

*Coordinate regional activities
*Region Chairs attend Division meetings during the NACADA Annual Conference
*Lead regional meetings during regional conference and during the NACADA Annual Conference

Advising Community Chair

*Coordinate the creation of the key resources and professional development opportunities that will help their member advisors better help students
*Support NACADA’s Strategic Goals
*AC Chairs report to the Division Representatives

Standing Committee Chair

*Coordinate committee activities
*Lead Committee meetings during the NACADA Annual Conference