Graduate Programs

Online Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising

Online Master of Science in Academic Advising Degree

Online PhD in Leadership in Academic Advising (with two summer residencies)

NACADA, in partnership with the Kansas State University College of Education, offers a full range of graduate programs focused on academic advising.

The Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising in Higher Education < (15 credit hours) and Master of Science in Academic Advising Degree (30 credit hours and a final project) provide an opportunity for faculty, full-time academic advisors, and administrators to gain an understanding of the myriad issues and skills needed to deliver effective academic advising in colleges and universities.

These programs are designed for:

  • advisors and administrators who desire more formal education related to academic advising
  • faculty seeking advising knowledge beyond their discipline
  • graduate students anticipating academic advising roles in higher education
  • persons interested in working directly with student athletes

All coursework is offered online. Classes are delivered within a semester time frame and are somewhat flexible in schedule. Students work independently, yet share comments and questions via electronic communications.

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"The Academic Advising Graduate Certificate Program has been indispensable to me as an advisor. The courses covered subjects on advising practice and theory, and so many other aspects of student affairs that I'm involved with on a day-to-day basis. The course instructors had a great knowledge base and encouraged “class” discussion through discussion boards and group projects. I learned not only from instructors but also my fellow students.... What an opportunity to take course work of this caliber in a format that fit right in with my busy life. I would be hard pressed to say who has benefited the most from the program - me or the students I advise!"

Jamie Schoenbeck Walsh, Academic Advisor, Veterinary Technology Instructor, Purdue University

"As an advisor in a rural outreach site of a community college, the program provided me with much needed guidance in advising, theory, career development, learning processes, and diversity."

Patty Pederson, Carbon County Higher Education Center

 "I learned theory and techniques that can be practically applied in my everyday academic advising."

Jennifer Napierkowski, Northampton Community College

PhD in Leadership in Academic Advising

The Leadership in Academic Advising Ph.D. (60 hours beyond a 30-hour master's degree) program prepares professionals for roles in leadership, research, and teaching focused on academic advising in higher education. The courses emphasize the need to recognize the contributions of diversity, theory, practice, and research to professional advising.

Cohorts are admitted every two years in the even-numbered summer (Summer 2024, Summer 2026, etc.)

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS is December 1, of the year before. Each cohort begins in the summer, with the following structure: 

  • planned sequence of six credit hours per semester (summer, fall, and spring)
  • courses offered using K-State Online (Canvas), with some synchronous class and cohort sessions required via Zoom
  • a one-week mandatory session is required during each of the first three summers 
    • Summer 1 (mid-July) in Manhattan, KS on the campus of Kansas State University and the NACADA Research Center
    • Summer 2 (mid-July) on Zoom
    • Summer 3 (mid-July) in Manhattan, KS on the campus of Kansas State University and the NACADA Research Center
  • due date for application is DECEMBER 1 of the year prior to program start

Cohorts will begin every other year. See the K-State Online website for all relevant information.