Advising LGBTQA+ Students

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[Advising Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer College Students is a requried text for this eTutorial]

The Advising LGBTQA+ Students eTutorial focuses on helping advisors understand and meet the unique needs of students who identify with diverse sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

What you'll learn:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of identity development and the coming out process.
  • Reflect on their personal experiences of allyhood.
  • Begin to assess their campus’s level of inclusivity for LGBTQA+ students.
  • Become advocates for LGBTQA+ students on their campus

Who this is for:

  • Those looking for foundational knowledge on advising LGBTQA+ college students.
  • Those who want to strengthen their advising, advocacy, and allyhood for LGBTQA+ college students.

About this eTutorial:

LGBTQA+ students come to advisors with unique needs for support. This eTutorial provides a foundational overview so that advisors can raise their competency and awareness of related terminology, concepts, and identity-based issues. In addition to focusing on LGBTQA+ students, this eTutorial encourages participants to self-reflect on personal experiences with allyhood and assess the ways in which their campuses are inclusive/exclusive. Participants will complete this eTutorial with the knowledge needed to enhance their advising practice, including identity development and coming out, intersectionality and LGBTQA+ students of color, allyhood, and campus inclusivity.

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