Member Services

NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising is the leading association globally for the advancement of student success through excellence in academic advising in higher education. Advising professionals look to NACADA to identify industry trends and provide relevant professional development to help serve the students we advise. NACADA’s 40+ year history has shown us that advisors at all levels rely on us to provide quality professional development and research to all members; thus benefitting advisors across the globe.

Becoming a NACADA member means joining the ranks of more than 14,000 professional advisors, counselors, faculty, administrators, and students working to enhance the education development of students. Advising professional tell us how they value the contemporary, relevant content NACADA provides in addition to the networking opportunities afforded all. Having access to advising professionals around the world and shared access to promising practices are benefits our members value.

We welcome you to our community and know that you will reap many benefits from your membership!