For Reviewers

Thank you for sharing your expertise as NACADA produces a quality journal that contributes to the scholarly literature in academic advising.  Your reviews

  • identify strengths in a manuscript,
  • indicate opportunities for further development, and
  • guide selection of articles for publication.

Feedback on manuscripts should be critical yet supportive. Feedback can be provided separately to the author(s) and the coeditors through the review submission process. For guidance or feedback on individual reviews, please email (NACADA Journal) or (NACADA Review).

Become a Reviewer

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Consider becoming a manuscript reviewer for the NACADA Journal or NACADA Review

The Editorial Board is seeking NACADA members with expertise in a variety of areas related to the manuscripts published. The term of service is 3 years, with an opportunity to be invited by the coeditors to continue for a second term.

Those interested in participating as a member of the Editorial Board should send a CV or resume, a letter of interest in reviewing manuscripts, and a brief list of areas of expertise to (NACADA Journal) or (NACADA Review).