Ethics & Copyright

Ethics and Copyright: Manuscripts submitted to the NACADA Journal should not be currently under review by another journal or been made available in print (e.g., working paper series) or on the Internet.

Through the submission process, authors are required to review and agree to the terms of the NACADA Author Agreement

Authors must secure permission from appropriate institutional review boards for use of human participants in research.

While all accepted manuscripts will go through reference check, copyedit, and proofreading prior to publication, authors acknowledge that they understand the importance of and assume the responsibility for proper citation and representation of referenced material and data within their manuscript.

Authors are responsible for obtaining copyright permissions for previously published material, including graphics and data. Author contributions found to use plagiarized or self-plagiarized material will not be accepted for publication.

These and other publication policies may be viewed in the following document: NACADA Scholarly Publication Policies

For NACADA's statement and procedures for claims of plagiarism, see: NACADA Plagiarism Policy and Procedure

For NACADA's full policy on Copyright and Fair Usage, see: NACADA Copyright and Fair Usage Policy