Board of Directors

The NACADA Board of Directors is the official governing body of the Association and has primary responsibility for the strategic plan for the Association and the allocation of resources. The Board consists of the President, Vice President, seven additional Directors as voting members, and the Executive Director who serves ex officio (non-voting). The Board of Directors is elected by the membership from a slate of eligible candidates presented by the Nominations and Elections Committee; Board members serve staggered three year terms. A President and Vice President are elected each year from the continuing members of the Board.

Board of Directors Directory

Erin Justyna, President (2019-20), Board Member (2017-20), Texas Tech University Health Science Center, (806) 742-1095

Cecilia Olivares, Vice President (2019-20), Board Member (2018-2021), University of Missouri, (573) 882-8705

Melinda Anderson, Board Member (2019-2022), Elizabeth City State University, (910) 962-7902

Megumi Makino-Kanehiro, Board Member (2018-2021) University of Hawaii-Manoa, (808) 956-8813

Nancy Roadruck, Board Member (2017-20), Kent State University, (330) 672-8489

Kyle Ross, Board Member (2019-2022), Oregon State University, (253) 225-8421

Kevin Thomas,  Board Member (2019-20), University of Central Arkansas, (501) 852-0272

Michelle Smith-Ware, Board Member (2019-2022), University of Notre Dame, (574) 631-4901

Oscar van den Wijngaard, Board Member (2018-2021), Maastricht University, Netherlands, (314) 338-8548 x9

Charlie Nutt, Executive Director (non-voting), Kansas State University, (785) 532-5717