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NACADA editors encourage all academic advisors interested in writing to contribute to the expanding professional literature base by writing articles that feature research, theory, and practice within the advising field. Furthermore, they strive to present all publications in a professional showcase that distinguishes the organization and promotes the profession within a scholarly and practical context. Specific guidelines for each publication venue (linked below) provide the context in which the articles will appear. 

To assist authors in effectively communicating to these standards, NACADA solicits input from experts as reviewers and content editors as well as specialists in managerial, developmental, and copy editing. Each project receives in-depth and comprehensive attention by those with decades of experience shepherding new and re-newed authors in the publication process.

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NACADA Commitment to Professional Editing and Publishing

Authorship does not end upon manuscript acceptance; rather writers enter the editing phase as part of a team made up of respective editors. Authors must follow the Writing Guidelines for NACADA Publications. A writer can expect to revise the manuscript after reviewers and content editors refine the focus of the work. Once a manuscript has been accepted authors sign an author agreement so the manuscript can move into the copy edit phase. The author then will address specific queries and incorporate directives through the developmental and copy editing stages. In these latter stages, which typically require extensive reworking of specific sentences and passages, the manuscript receives final preparation as a vetted, clearly articulated, and stylistically appropriate NACADA publication.

Interested in Writing? Choose the publication venue that you think is best for your topic. Look at the guidelines for that venue and then contact editors directly using the information listed included in the Guidelines for each publication venue.  

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