NACADA Center for Research
at Kansas State University

"Scholarly Inquiry in Academic Advising and Student Success"

The NACADA Center for Research at Kansas State University is the first global think tank dedicated to research in academic advising and student success and serves as a resource for advancing the scholarly practice and applied research related to academic advising.

  • We need your voice! A series of new research studies are about to be launched related to a range of advising issues, Participation is always voluntary. Look for details in future official NACADA emails.

  • NACADA is proud to be tightly connected to the 3 graduate programs in academic advising at Kansas State University. Earn a Graduate Certificate or a Master's Degree fully online. And the Ph.D. in Leadership in Academic Advising program enrolls a new cohort every two years (even numbered years). For complete information about K-State's Graduate Programs go to