Administrative Division

The Administrative Division focuses on the administrative services of the Association itself such as conferences, institutes, publications, scholarship, and inclusive member experiences to ensure the advancement of the field of advising. Working with members on Advisory Boards and Committees, chairs develop and refine the policies, procedures, and activities of their area of responsibility for the future health of the Association! 

Wendy Troxel, Executive Office Liaison to the Administrative Division

Division Representatives

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2021-2023 (appointed)
Cynthia Pascal (she/her/hers)
Northern Virginia Community College

2022-2024 (elected)
Brandan Lowden (he/him/his)
Pikes Peak State College

Operational Guidelines

Division Representative Roles and Responsibilities

There are two Division Representatives (commonly called Reps), one elected by Division chairs, and one appointed by the President with Board approval, to assist with the operations of the Division and to provide continuity as the two serve staggered terms. Both Reps serve on the NACADA Council.

Representatives provide leadership for the Division and convene meetings, advise Chairs on activities, gather semi-annual reports from the Chairs, prepare timely written Division reports, and present Division items to the Council.

  • Eligibility for Division Rep: Candidates for a Division Rep position must have completed a full term (typically a two-year term) as a Committee Chair or Advisory Board Chair.
  • Term of Service: Division Reps serve two-year terms (the Elected and Appointed positions are staggered to ensure leadership continuity).
  • How to Become a Rep for this Division?: After service on an Advisory Board or Committee for a complete term (two years), members can be elected (Committee) or appointed (Advisory Board) to a Chair position. After a complete term as Chair (two years), leaders are eligible to be elected or appointed as Division Reps.
  • Additional Information about Division Representative

Admin Division Advisory Boards and Committees

Advisory Boards: Advisory Boards are created by the NACADA President. Advisory Board Chairs are appointed to their positions and terms by the President.

  • Advisory Board Chairs serve two-year terms and may be reappointed.
  • Members of Advisory Boards are appointed by the NACADA President.
  • Each year, some Advisory Board members rotate off an AB to allow for new members while assuring continuity in operations.

Committees: Committees are established by the Board of Directors. Committee Chairs are elected by current members of the Committee and may be chosen from among current as well as past members of that Committee.

  • Committee Chairs serve two-year terms. Committee Chairs must have served a full term as a Committee member (of the particular Committee).
  • Committee members are appointed by the Committee Chairs with approval of the Division Representative.
  • Each year, some Committee members rotate off Committees to allow for new members while assuring continuity in operations.

How to Become a Chair in this Division? Serve as a member of an Advisory Board or Committee and work with the current chair to take on responsibilities and tasks that allow one to learn about the role of the group and the responsibilities of the Chair position.

  • When you have served a term of Committee membership, nominate yourself or ask a colleague to nominate you for the Chair position.
  • For an Advisory Board Chair, ask the current Chair or the EO Liaison to the AB if they would submit your name to the Division Reps (who will receive several names for that AB Chair position) to recommend you to the NACADA President for appointment.
  • Further information about joining a particular Advisory Board or Committee is available on each respective home page listed in the menu on the left.
  • Service as an Advisory Board Chair or a Committee Chair makes one eligible to be a Division Representative and a Board of Directors member. The skills gained in leading a team of colleagues and peers to improve aspects of the Association certainly provide skills useful in other leadership positions on a campus or in other Divisions in NACADA. 

Advisory Board Chairs and Committee Chairs provide semi-annual reports to the Division Representatives. These reports are condensed and included in the Division Representatives’ report to the Council and Board semi-annually. The Admin Division works closely with the Executive Office (or EO) to promote and address the needs of the Division. The current EO Liaison to this Division is Karen Sullivan-Vance.

The Division Reps, Advisory Board and Committee Chairs, and the EO liaison meet throughout the year via Zoom meetings and communicate regularly electronically. Admin Division leaders also meet at the Annual Conference.

Advisory Boards and Committees meet throughout the year (via Zoom meetings and through email) and also meet at the Annual Conference.