Advising Communities Division

NACADA Advising Communities provide members the opportunity to engage with other professionals in areas such as similar institution types, academic areas, interests, or student populations. All current members can join up to 4 Advising Communities. All Communities are involved in:

  • Advancing NACADA’s strategic goals
  • Proposing and facilitating professional development activities around Community topics to engage members
  • Providing resources to advance the professional development of members while focusing on the specific area of the Community
  • Tony Lazarowicz
    Tony Lazarowicz 2022-2024 appointed University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Greg Mason
    Greg Mason 2023-2025

Assignment of Advising Communities

Assignment of Clusters — Cluster Reps are assigned a specific cluster of communities and serve in a support role as a point of contact with those groups in carrying out their responsibilities.

Advising Communities Division Steering Committee

The Advising Communities Division (ACD) steering committee consists of two division representatives (one appointed, one elected); the Executive Office liaison to the ACD; and one member per cluster (selected through an appointment process by the division representatives to serve two-year, staggered terms). That one member representative per cluster is called a Cluster Rep. All members of the Division's steering committee must have completed at least one full term as a Chair.

  • Amy Sosanko Cluster Representative 1 Appointed (2022 - 2024) Community College of Allegheny County
    Former Chair of - Students with Experiences in the Foster Care System Advising Community

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