Creating Online Professional Development

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This eTutorial introduces the curricular and instructional design model, Backward by Design and Blooms Taxonomies, for writing learning outcomes so participants can create a written lesson plan for synchronous and asynchronous online professional development delivery in an LMS that is based on NACADA Academic Advising  Core Competencies.

[All content is self-contained within the eTutorial. No additional materials are required.]

What you’ll learn:

  • Participants will use a model for instructional design, based on Wiggins and McTighe, Backwards by Design model, to create an activity lesson plan related to one of the twenty components found in the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies.
  • Participants will review Bloom’s Taxonomies to assist them in creating their activity lesson plans. 

Who this is for:

  • Those looking to develop professional development module for an advising team/unit; for use in an LMS.

Description of eTutorial

This eTutorial requires participants to select one NACADA Core Competency and use it as a basis for creating a training/profession development activity in the Canvas learning environment. The use of the Backwards by Design instructional design framework is pitched to those with slight or moderate exposure to instructional design and minimal familiarity with Bloom’s Taxonomies. Participants will share their lesson plans with each other, so rather than only having one activity at the end of this tutorial, participants will be able to consider many more to adapt to their local circumstances.

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