Spring Webinars

photo of bell hooksAdvising for Social Justice: The Legacy and Lessons of bell hooks in Contemporary Academic Advising

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 2023 - 1:00 PM CDT (GMT-5)

Kelly Payne, Hobart & William Smith Colleges & Emira Ibrahimpašić, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This webinar examines bell hooks' liberatory pedagogy and focuses on social justice in the context of academic advising today. bell hooks' death on December 15, 2021, calls us to reexamine her influence and legacy on thinking about higher education and the importance of critical mentorship of students. Indeed, her autotheoretical and intersectional approach is perfectly suited to the work of advising, with its movement from theory to personal narrative/reflection and praxis. [...]

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photo of a globe

Appreciative Advising Strategies for International Students

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2023 - 1:00 PM CDT (GMT-5)

Wendé Fisher, Clark College & Csendi Hopp, Portland State University

This presentation will explore advising strategies using both Appreciative Advising and an international student perspective from NAFSA's 'International Advisor's Playbook'. The intention of this workshop is to introduce you to the concepts of Appreciative Advising along with international student advising strategies to review additional ways we can support our students. [...]

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photo of a student on a computer

Video Doesn’t Have to Kill the Advising Star!: Applying Holistic Advising to Virtual Methods

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2023 - 1:00 PM CDT (GMT-5)

Bernadette McHugh, Columbia University & Sarah Malasaga, Columbia University

Are you looking for more flexible ways to reach disengaged students while creating meaningful relationships? Do you serve students who take online classes or are balancing work/school/life and struggle to fit advising appointments into their busy life? This session will help new and experienced advisors develop strategies to transform your virtual advising options so they become more personal. [...]

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Webinar Recordings

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Webinar FAQ

Webinar Viewing
Copyright & Fair Use
Where can I find the handouts?

All handouts and slides are linked on each webinar's page. 

What system do you use for webinars?

We use the Zoom Webinar Platform for all our webinars.

What should I do if I want to host a webinar viewing?
  • Complete the online registration (or purchase a recording).
  • Reserve a room on campus appropriate for the technology and the audience. You may want to allow 30-60 minutes before the broadcast for system checks and up to 2 hoafterwardards for discussion.
  • Test your system well in advance. 
  • Determine who will facthe ilitate discussion before and/or after the broadcast. You may wish to identify and invite a topic expert on campus if the topic is outside your expertise. Work with the facilitator after any event materials have been distributed to plan the discussion protocol.
  • Send invitations to everyone who might benefit from the event. Be sure to include a FULL DESCRIPTION of the event’s content (OVERVIEW found on the event webpage), not just the title, in your invitation to ensure that everyone you invite has appropriate content expectations. Invite professional, faculty, and peer advisers; front-line advising center staff; graduate students in advising programs; student affairs staff; advising/undergraduate education administrators; career counselors; admissions and registration counselors; anyone and everyone you can think of who might be interested.
  • Send a reminder to those invited one week before the webinar.
  • Send any webinar materials or handouts to invited participants 1-3 days before the event.
  • Re-check you24 hours within 24-hours of the broadcast.
  • Purchase refreshments (popcorn, Twizzlers, water, soda, etc.) before the event if budget and facilities allow (or recruit someone to do this for you).
  • Arrive at the room before the webinar to allow for tweaking of the technology and greeting of participants.
  • Follow up with participants to thank them for attending and gather feedback for future webinars.
  • Send feedback/evaluation to NACADA Executive Office.
Can I watch a webinar with my colleagues?

Yes! We encourage you to watch webinars with your colleagues. But you cannot share your login. Be sure to reserve a room on your campus to gather your colleagues to watch the webinar or recording and then discuss it afterward. Make it an event!

Don't forget to think through the various aspects of set-up and facilitation well in advance of the event including if you'll need campus resource personnel to assist with facilitation or follow-up.

Can I ask questions of the panelists?

Absolutely! We try to make time during each webinar for questions. But if there's not enough time to get to your individual question, the panelists always are happy to respond to your questions through email (emails for each panelist found in the handouts).