Research Reports of Interest

Check here for research-related artifacts and reports relevant to our professional roles within higher education and the study of students and advisors across global contexts.

Drawing on the perspectives of 499 academic advisors and advising administrators, the study explores the wide range of advising interactions and structures, including analyses across items related to academic planning, resources & referrals, and learning & development.

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Academic Advising and Tutoring for Student Success in Higher Education: International Perspectives

The NACADA Center for Research partnered with UKAT (UK Advising & Tutoring) to publish a Special Edition of the Frontiers in Education Journal, Leadership in Higher Education Series. This edited collection of articles considers the impact of high-quality advising and personal tutoring practices aimed to advance evidence and context, and to stimulate discussion on current critical topics and future areas for scholarly inquiry. 

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Driving Toward a Degree

Tyton partners, in partnership with NACADA, has released an annual Driving Toward a Degree report since 2017. The series of reports measure the extent and impact of various practices and products related to academic advising across higher education institutions in the United States. Click here to download the reports. 


Student Resilience: Exploring the Positive Case for Resilience (May 2017)

Authored by Dr. Emily Mcintosh, University of Bolton, and Dr. Jenny Shaw, Head of Student Services & Insight, Unite Students, this paper explores the past and current scholarship and findings from research on the role of "resilience" in student success and persistence. The report "further includes an initial set of recommendations for embedding the development of student resilience into existing the policy and practice" (p. 5). Click here for the full report.


Research Briefs

The purpose of the "Research Briefs" is to alert the academic advising community to peer-reviewed scholarly literature published outside of NACADA venues that are relevant to the academic advising community. 

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NACADA Scholars

The purpose of the "NACADA Scholar" page is to highlight the peer-reviewed, published scholarship by NACADA members. 

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Research Projects Underway

Content Analysis of 15 Years of Advising-Related Literature (higher education journals in English) - Troxel, W. G., Grey, D., Rubin, L., McIntosh, E., & Hoagland, I. - To be released in Spring 2023

Academic Advising During COVID: Lenses and Perspectives (students and academic advisors) - two studies launching in Fall 2022

Academic Advising Structures, Processes, and Positioning: A Global Dataset - launching in Fall 2022


Relevant References

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