Introduction to Academic Advising

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Introduction to Academic Advising focuses on the understanding and application of the Conceptual and Relational Core Competencies in academic advising. 

[All content is self-contained within the eTutorial. No additional materials are required.]

What you'll learn:

  • Recognize and interpret the Core Competencies 
  • Relate past education/professional experience to approaches for creating equitable environments and communicating in an inclusive manner\
  • Design a plan for ongoing professional growth and involvement

Who this is for:

  • New advising professionals
  • Those who are exploring the field of academic advising

About this eTutorial:

When exploring or entering the field of academic advising, most people immediately consider the curricular knowledge advisors need to help students navigate from the start of their higher education career through to graduation. Those informational pieces are specific to institutions and thus require context for training. In this eTutorial, participants will receive an introduction to the 4 NACADA Pillar documents (Concept of Academic Advising, Core Values, Core Competencies, and CAS Standards), explore conceptual and relational aspects of academic advising to gain a better understanding of the breadth of knowledge that goes into creating equitable advising environments, and develop a plan for on-going training or professional development and professional involvement.

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November 2024

November 6 - December 10