NACADA Region 6 is proud to support student success by providing opportunities for recognition and professional development opportunities for academic advisors and administrators. Applications are due through the online submission portal. Scroll to the bottom for more detailed information about each award/scholarship. 

Nominations for the following awards are currently closed. The nomination process will reopen in summer 2022. See descriptions of R6 Awards below.


Excellence in Advising Awards are selected within each region. These awards recognize individuals who demonstrate qualities and practices that make significant contributions to the improvement of academic advising. Winners will receive complimentary registration to their region conference.

Region Awards committees review applications/nominations and winners will be announced in December or early January. The awards are presented at region conferences in the spring. To be eligible to receive the following awards - Excellence in Advising Award for Advisor Primary, Faculty Advisor and New Advisor, the nominee must be a current member of NACADA. If assistance with verification in needed, email the NACADA Executive Office at

Excellence in Advising award recipients will receive:

  • An award plaque with framed certificate
  • $600 Professional Development stipend for the purpose of funding the following:
    • One-Year NACADA general membership
    • Early region conference registration fee
    • Remaining funds are provided to the recipient to be used towards travel, lodging, and/or other approved cost associated with attending the region conference.

*It is ideal if the nominee has the support of their office/department/college/institution in attending the region conference as the recipient will be recognized and presented their award plaque with framed certificate during the Region Conference Awards and Scholarships Ceremony.


Excellence in Advising – Advisor Primary Role  

Recognizes individuals whose primary role at the institution is the direct delivery of advising services to students. Nominee must be a current member of NACADA.

Excellence in Advising – Faculty Advisor

Recognizes individuals whose primary responsibility is teaching and who spend a portion of their time providing academic advising services to students. Nominee must be a current member of NACADA.

Excellence in Advising – New Advisor

Recognizes individuals who have demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding academic advising of students and who have served as an advisor for a period of three (3) or fewer years. Nominee must be a current member of NACADA.

Excellence in Advising – Advising Administrator

Recognizes individuals who may provide direct academic advising services to students but whose primary responsibility is as an administrator or director of an academic advising program for three (3) years or more in that role. Nominees for this award are not required to be a current member of NACADA.


Several regions offer additional Excellence in Advising awards as well as scholarships and grants. – Please see below for more information.


Criteria: The Selection Committee will evaluate applications/nominations on the evidence of qualities and practices that distinguish the nominee as an outstanding academic advisor. Such evidence may include, but is not limited to:

  • Interpersonal/human relations skills
  • Professional practices
  • Documented success
  • Documented advisor development

Eligibility: Applicants/Nominees must be members of NACADA (except Excellence in Advising - Advising Administrators applicants) and may apply only in their own region.

  • Individuals may self-nominate.
  • Award recipients' early conference registration fee is covered by the region account and they will be recognized during the conference. Therefore, it is ideal if applicants have the support of their office/department/college in attending the region conference.
  • Applicants must have worked in the advising profession for a minimum of one year.

Submission is via the NACADA Awards online nomination system which includes the following documents, uploaded in PDF form:

  • Nomination/Application Letter: This letter should summarize the nominee/applicant’s qualifications and why the individual is being nominated for the award. This document should provide the evidence and specific examples that demonstrate excellent performance. Input from others is encouraged as the nomination letter is composed and may include quotes or comments from colleagues and students. The letter SHOULD NOT exceed three pages, single spaced.
  • Letters of Support: Include up to two additional letters of support. These letters may come from colleagues, employees, supervisors, or students - anyone who might augment the selection committee's understanding of the nominee. Letters SHOULD NOT exceed two pages single spaced.
  • Nominee Resume or Curriculum Vita- Please limit entries to material that pertains directly to academic advising, presenting relevant information from the nominees overall resume/vita. Please include your current job with either a position description or a list of job responsibilities.
  • Personal Philosophy Statement (optional but encouraged)  Please provide a personal philosophy statement regarding their (nominees) approach to advising and/or advising administration. This document SHOULD NOT exceed two pages single spaced

All documents will be submitted in pdf format, including letters.

Region 6 Indigenous Advising Scholarship

This award recognizes an advisor from Tribal Colleges and other post secondary institutions who are responsible for advising Indigenous [First Nation, Metis Nation, and Inuit] students in Region 6. The honoree will receive complimentary region conference early registration and a one year NACADA general membership. 


To be eligible, you must be an advisor or have as your primary work assignment in Tribal Colleges or other post secondary institutions where you are responsible for advising Indigenous [First Nation, Metis Nation, and Inuit] students in Region 6, which includes: the Northwest Territories (Canada), Manitoba (Canada), Saskatchewan (Canada), North Dakota (US), South Dakota (US), Nebraska (US), Iowa (US), and Minnesota (US). Winners must be current NACADA members in good standing.

Submission Procedures:

  • Submit your resume which includes your present employment information.
  • Submit a brief essay (200 words maximum) describing your interest in the NACADA Region 6 Conference and your experience in developing programming for your office or campus based on your conference experiences.

Region 6 Conference Graduate Student Scholarship

This award recognizes two current students who are members of NACADA and plan to attend the Region 6 Conference in the spring. Students will receive complimentary early region conference registration and a one year NACADA student membership. If you receive this scholarship, please work with either the region chair, the conference chair, or the awards chair to ensure you are registered in a timely manner.  

  • You must be a current graduate student (or have completed a recent graduate program, and not currently employed full-time in an advising field).
  • You must be a current student member of NACADA.
  • You must attend the Region 6 Conference.

Submission Procedures:

Please provide the following information, in pdf format, using no more than 1-page typed:

  1. The goals you hope to accomplish by attending the Region 6 Conference.
  2. Ways you would like to become involved with NACADA, especially Region 6.
  3. Future career goals after you complete your current degree program.

Service to Region 6 Award

This award recognizes the importance of volunteer service to Region 6 by a NACADA member through outstanding service to the organization and the Region. The honoree receives a framed certificate, and $400 monetary component which includes: 

  • a one year NACADA general membership 
  • early registration fee for the regional conference 
  • Any remaining funds may be used for pre-approved conference expenses - travel, hotel, meals. 

The recipient is honored at the Awards Ceremony held during the Region Conference in the spring. The winner must be a current NACADA member in good standing.


  1. A nominee must be a current member of NACADA and must also have a history of involvement and membership in the organization.
  2. Previous recipients are not eligible
  3. Current members of the Region 6 Steering Committee are not eligible for consideration for this award. After the member's term of office is over, the nominee may then be eligible for consideration

Submission Procedures:
Nominations must contain adequate factual or descriptive material for the selection Committee to evaluate the nomination, including:

  1. A supporting letter from the nominator, providing evidence that the candidate has made significant contributions to Region 6, the profession of academic advising, leadership in the field of advising, as well as related professional areas, and a commitment to the importance of academic advising at a regional or national level.
  2. Letters of support from colleagues, students or staff not to exceed two letters in any category.
  3. Nominee resume or vita.
  4. Additional materials that support the candidate's nomination.

*Nominations must include only original documentation prepared specifically for the NACADA Region 6 Awards Program. Materials intended for other award programs will not be considered.

The award recipient receives a framed certificate, complimentary early region conference registration, a one year NACADA general membership, and some approved conference related travel expenses (travel/hotel/food). The winner honored at the awards ceremony held during the Region Conference in the Spring. 

Region 6 Innovation Award

The NACADA Region 6 Innovation Award recognizes creative and unique approaches in bringing innovation and inclusive excellence to academic advising. This award recognizes professional advisors, administrators or faculty advisors who are advancing the field of academic advising through research, program development and implementation, or use of technology to support their academic advising practices and creating inclusive environments at their institutions. This category may include but is not limited to:

1. Programs, research projects, or initiatives serving specific populations of students, including but not limited to: adult learners, at-risk students, undecided students, student athletes, graduate students, international students, students of color or any other underrepresented
population (i.e. LGBT students, students with disabilities, etc.)

2. Programs, research projects, or initiatives related to: advising models, advisor training and development, use of technology, advisor assessment, program evaluation, etc.

The recipient of this award will receive a $500 award which will include: 

  • Early registration fee for the regional conference. 
  • One year NACADA general membership ($75). It will extend their current membership one year. The winner must be a current NACADA member.
  • The remaining funds from the $500 award will be available to the award winner to use for approved conference expenses – travel, hotel, meals.
  • The recipient(s) of this award will also be expected to present at the regional conference. 
    • If more than one individual is cited in the award submission, they will split the monetary component.


  1. Regionally accredited post-secondary institutions within Region 6 may submit an application. NACADA affiliation not required.
  2. Previous winners of award programs or certificates of merit are eligible ONLY if three years have elapsed since their selection and the program has been significantly modified.
  3. Only one submission per institution will be considered. The selection committee will not consider multiple nominations for different programs within the same institution. The first submission will be reviewed.
  4. Programs must have been operational for two or more years (may include pilot period). Data to substantiate programs effectiveness must be included. Programs lacking data to substantiate at least two years of program effectiveness will not be reviewed.

Evidence of an outstanding program, research projects or initiatives include, but is not limited to, the qualities listed below. In addition, program/project description, suitability for dissemination, and adherence to program/project guideline are key factors in selection.

  1. Innovative Quality - represents new approaches to effective and inclusive academic advising practices. If program has been implemented elsewhere but is new to an institution, it is eligible.
  2. Creativity - demonstrates creative use of resources (human, fiscal, and physical) in the delivery of innovative and inclusive academic advising services.
  3. Institutional Commitment - demonstrates commitment to innovative and inclusive academic advising throughout the institution.
  4. Impact - provides definitive evidence of positive student and/or institutional outcomes.
  5. Transferability - applicable to a wide variety of institutions.

Submission Procedures:
Nominations must contain adequate factual or descriptive material to enable the Selection Committee to evaluate the program, including:

  1. A program abstract not to exceed 250 words.
  2. A description of programs, research projects (publications), or initiatives related to advising models, advisor training and development programs, use of technology, advisor assessment, and program evaluation. Maximum of 2,500 words, typed and double spaced with content in the following format:
    • Institution description
    • Potential for adaptation by other institutions
    • Results/outcome (impact on students and/or the institution)
    • Procedures used in program evaluation (quantitative and/or qualitative)
    • Program description
    • Goals and objectives
    • Program development (how, when, and why the program was developed, including problems encountered, organizational concerns, budget, and other considerations)

Region 6 New Advisor Conference Scholarship

To recognize up to four (4) new advisors (1-3 total years of advising) who are members of NACADA and want to attend the Region 6 Conference in the spring. The recipients will receive complimentary early conference registration for the Region 6 Conference. Winners must be a current NACADA member in good standing.

Submit a resume and an essay explaining how attending the Region 6 Conference will benefit your advising practice.

Submission procedure:
  • Complete online application form through the online submission portal.
  • Include a resume and essay both uploaded in pdf format.