NACADA Executive Office

The NACADA Executive Office (EO) supports the association in all activities and provides services to the members. This includes implementation of all approved activities as designated by the Board of Directors. In addition, the EO staff will maintain the Archives of the Association, act as the fiscal agent of the Association, provide web services to all units of the Association, and lend expertise in meeting planning, contract negotiations, service contracts, marketing and promotion, copy editing, grant writing in support of Association activities, research efforts, and clerical support as needed. The EO has been given more responsibility for the implementation of association activities to lessen the burden on the volunteer leadership of the association. This includes coordination of publications and events, marketing of all activities and the association in general, conference planning, tech services, and other tasks as assigned. The EO is assisted by member based Advisory Boards and Review Boards. The Executive Director serves on the Board of Directors and meets with the Council.

The vision for the NACADA Executive Office is to be the most innovative, responsive, and supportive EO in the global higher education community.

The mission of the NACADA Executive Office is to ensure the success of the association and advancement of the field of academic advising.