Get Involved

NACADA members are foundational to the growth and continued success of our Association. We all play a role in participating in and leading NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising. Members will want to be sure to log in to access all the benefits of membership.

Administrative Division

If you'd like to get involved in the Admistrative Division, get involved with out Committees and Advisory Boards. The Administrative Division represents admistrative services of the Association. Committees and Advisory Boards are established by the Board of Directors.

Regional Division

The Regional Division represents the membership within their geographic regions. Region members conduct annual events, promote NACADA membership, and develop programs which fit the needs of their specific region. 

Advising Communities

The Advising Communities Division (ACD) represents members with special advising areas of interest, and is comprised of 38 unique communities that are represented on the NACADA Council by two Division Representatives. Click here for more information.


We extend a warm welcome to everyone who is professionally engaged in academic advising; helping students in higher education to realize their dreams and reach their full potential. Get involved in our global community, and benefit from the experience and insights of over 14,000 advising colleagues – and share yours with them!