VAP Options

Individual institution’s needs and resources determine the content, structure and duration of a VAP. These include interests, available budget, academic calendar year, and additional factors. Other considerations include visa requirements, employee agreements and hiring practices.

All VAPs include a mentorship element. Institutions can consider the following structures for VAPs:

  • Advisor exchange: Advisor exchanges can range from self-funded job shadowing to a term advisor appointment. Visiting advisors may provide mentorship for an advising team or may be mentored as part of the exchange. Individual institutions will determine the duration and structure of an advisor exchange. Final arrangements will be determined in consultation with the successful candidate.
  • Special project: Special projects can vary based on institutional need and can include collaborative research. Special projects aimed at collaborative research will focus on peer projects. In line with NACADA’s efforts through the Research Center, VAPs will foster opportunities for collaboration between institutions globally to advance scholarly practice in advising. Individuals or institutions interested in opportunities for such joint research can utilize the VAPs for this purpose. VAPs may take place in situ or virtually. The program makes a distinction between self-identified expertise and the formal review and selection process used for NACADA’s Academic Advising Consultant and Speaker Services (AACSS).