Benefits of Attending

Special Benefits to You and Your Program

  • Action-oriented small group discussions with persons from similar type institutions
  • Close facilitator and participant interaction
  • Development of a network of colleagues and friends for support after the institute
  • A variety of topical sessions to focus on your specific situation/role
  • Opportunity to earn graduate credit
  • Facilitators who are expert practitioners and national leaders in the field
  • Examination of workable models and practical alternatives to improve advising on your campus
  • Opportunities to share experiences and get feedback from experts and colleagues
  • Assistance with the development of a plan to enhance advising on your campus 

By attending the Institute you will:

  • Achieve a better understanding of academic advising terms, methodology, and principles 
  • Reach the goals and expectations you bring with you to the Institute
  • Develop a network of peers globally with whom you can connect with in the future for support and assistance
  • Develop a workable action plan that will enhance advising on your campus
  • Leave with a positive impression of NACADA and the work that NACADA does for Academic Advising

At the end of your Work Group sessions you will have:

  • Participated in discussion of Institute presentations
  • Provided feedback to Work Group Members
  • Created an Action Plan for implementation on your campus
  • Presented Action Plan to peers for feedback